Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide 2017

The 2017 version of the Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide provides the basic concepts in an overview of much of the legislation and related policy that apply to forest management practices in BC today. It does not cover all forest management legislation and policy topics and should be used in conjunction with other reference material, including that listed in this Guide.

ATTN ALL MEMBERS: A PDF version is available for download in the members section, under continuing competency (login required). The version available for purchase is a printed copy.

Please note: Notice to all readers / users of: Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide 2017

re: web links / urls

This Reference Guide was originally released mid-April 2017 with a promise to revise/update web links/urls in May – June, following an anticipated overhaul of the government website.

With the change in the BC government over the summer, updates and changes to the BC government website appear to be a work in progress. The Reference Guide 2017 has been updated to the best of our ability as of August 15, 2017. Every effort has been made to ensure that links provided are active (web link/url works and takes you to the reference). Unfortunately a number do not connect at this time (shown in red); here are some of the scenarios experienced and possible action needed:

  • web link/url NOT active, “search” by document name for a link directly to document and download;
  • in other cases, you are directed to a web link and drop down or site search options have to be executed; or
  • in other instances, the document being searched for is either not available or the government link to it has not found a “home” yet in the reorganization of the websites.

If you have any comments for link/website experience, please share with Martina Blanchard to help with updating the Guide in future.

Important Note for Enrolled Members:
You can refer to the guide provided here for the latest information.  However, for module completion, enrolled members must refer to the version of the Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide provided in the Resources tab of the modules in area 4.


Monday, 08 May 2017

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