Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct e-course

This ABCFP e-course introduces registrants to the nine ethical and professional standards contained within the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct.


The Code forms part of ABCFP Bylaw 9, Standards of Ethical and Professional Conduct, and came into force February 5, 2021, replacing the ABCFP’s former Code of Ethics, and the Standards of Professional Practice.

The standards in the Code are general classes of duties and behaviors that collectively establish an expectation on forest professionals. Generally speaking, the first four Code standards are about the way professional service is delivered and the next four standards are about the values that are delivered and protected. The last Code standard is a capstone responsibility, a reporting standard.

All registrants must adhere to the nine standards within the Code. These standards set the bar for how the public can expect every ABCFP registrant, in any category or subcategory, practising and non-practising, to conduct themselves and be held publicly accountable.  

This course is based on the Guidelines for Interpretation of the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct; it takes three to five hours to complete and includes interactive exercises, journaling, ethical scenarios, quizzes, and a final exam.

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