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ICT: Indigenous AwarenessIndigenous Corporate Training: This training presents the historical background of Indigenous relations in Canada and explains how that background impacts contemporary Indigenous issues that affect all Canadians. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT01
ICT: Indigenous RelationsIndigenous Corporate Training: This training is the companion course to our Indigenous Awareness training. In Indigenous Relations training, our goal is to help you move beyond awareness towards practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT02
ICT: Working Effectively with Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous Corporate Training: Take Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and save $50 as compared to taking Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually (this training is the equivalent of taking both the Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually). This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT03
ICT: Working With UNDRIPIndigenous Corporate Training: This training discusses UNDRIP - the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. You will learn what UNDRIP means and how it affects the consultation and accommodation of Indigenous Peoples in the context of Canada. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT04
eRoot Cause Analysis (eRCA)The eRCA FundamentalsTM course, presented by Sologic, allows participants to gain familiarity and confidence with the Sologic RCA (Root Cause Analysis) method in a three-hour, self-paced course.  PRD_EROOT
EGBC 2020 Virtual ConferenceProfessional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC: 2020 Annual Conference and AGMOct 21, 2020Online BCPRD_EGBC38
BVRC: Seminar Series-The Missing LinkBulkley Valley Research Centre: The Missing Link - Developing Linker Functions to Project Caribou Habitat Features From Stand Level Metrics, presented by Erin Hall, BSc., RPFOct 21, 2020Online via Zoom BCPRD_BVRC03
5th Indigenous Resource Opportunities ConferenceDay 3 of the Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference examines successful partnerships and case studies across the many resource sectors including forestry, energy, fisheries, and aquaculture.Oct 21, 2020Virtual PRD_IROC3
Dispatches From the Mother Tree ProjectUBC Faculty of Forest Webinar: Any forester will tell you that different trees have different value, and that value is generally set by the marketplace. But what if the value of some trees is below ground rather than above it? This is the central question of The Mother Tree Project, which is providing scientific data to help direct management of forests under a changing climate. Professor Suzanne Simard, RPF, the leader of this project, has been researching the below-ground connections among Douglas-fir trees and other plants for over 30 years.Oct 22, 2020Webinar BCPRD_UBC06
VIU: Riaparian Areas Protection RegulationA comprehensive introduction and applied overview of the Riparian Areas Regulation model. This three-day theoretical and practical course introduces participants to the purpose and application of the RAPR, the roles and responsibilities of government, the proponent, and the QEP. Participants also learn to complete the field assessment and reporting procedures, including the electronic submission requirements.Oct 22, 2020North Vancouver/Penticton/online BCPRD_VIU21
Introduction to Forest Fungi • Bringing Them Out of the DarkJoin Columbia Mountain Institute for an outdoor field trip on October 23, 2020. Instructor, Tyson Ehlers, BSF, RPBio, will structure the workshop for people wanting to gain a greater appreciation and awareness of the diversity and ecological roles of fungi. He'll discuss fungi/habitat relationships and the importance of recognizing fungi in ecological assessments for species and habitat conservation, policy and land management decisions, and education.Oct 23, 2020Revelstoke BCPRD_CMI13
CIF-Vancouver Section Dinner 2020-2021Topic: First Nations Involvement in the Forest Sector • Past & FutureOct 27, 2020Online BCPRD_CIFV21
CRED talks: Season5 - Rocky Mountain Mammal CommunitiesSeason 5: Rocky Mountain Mammal Communities: Camera Trapping Brings the Effects of Development into Focus. The east slopes of the Canadian Rockies face extensive disturbance from forest harvesting, energy extraction, roading, and largely unregulated intensive recreation pressure.Oct 29, 2020Online BCPRD_CRED06
Adaptation Learning Network Fall 2020 CoursesAdaptation Learning Network: Quantifying the Economic Impact of Climate Change. Instructor: Mahsoo Naderi-Desoar, P.Eng., PMP, M.Sc.Nov 01, 2020Virtual PRD_ALN03
Adaptation Learning Network Fall 2020 CoursesAdaptation Learning Network: Project Management for a Changing Climate. Instructor: Susan Todd, B.Comm, MRM, CPA, CA.Nov 02, 2020Virtual PRD_ALN04
NRTG: Electrofishing CertificationNRTG is the leading provider of electrofishing training in Canada. Since 1994, NRTG staff have successfully trained more than 8,000 Canadian industry practitioners in the practice of safe and effective electrofishing. NRTG personnel are highly respected and recognized leaders in the delivery of backpack and boat electrofishing certification training.Nov 02, 2020Courtenay BCPRD_NRTG27
Enviro Monitoring for Construction Proj Practitioner CertVOI Training Group: Live-hosted by Ed Van Osch, CPESC, Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects Practitioner (EMCPP) explores this extremely common but complex and often misunderstood environmental management discipline. Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects is often viewed as a junior or career-starting employment position.Nov 03, 2020Webinar PRD_VOI04
NRTG: Technical Writing for ProfessionalsNRTG: Natural Resources Training Group (NRTG) offers a dynamic two-day course to improve the quality of technical writing by engineers, scientists and technicians. Technical Writing for Professionals equips students with hands-on tools to create technical writing which is more engaging, compelling, and persuasive.Nov 05, 2020Online BCPRD_NRTG20
CIF Webinar: Urban Forestry E-LecturesCIF-IFC E-Lectures: Forest monitoring in urban and peri-urban landscapes: can we afford not to do it? Presenter is Dr. Danijela Puric-Mladenovic, Forestry & Conservation, Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, University of Toronto.Nov 05, 2020Online BCPRD_CIF40
NRTG: Fish Habitat Restoration - Field TechniquesNRTG: The Fish Habitat Restoration (FHR) • Field Techniques course is a three-day, field-based training program suited for technicians and field biologists conducting fish habitat restoration (FHR) programs. This program will provide hands on training in the many field techniques and FHR project requirements. Course participants will learn to conduct fish population estimates using multi-pass fish removal techniques, fish exclusion & salvage techniques, erosion & sediment control on site, rod & level surveying and stream long profiling, field hydrology, stream measurements including bed roughness & composition, and how to identify limiting factors in the field. This course will include class-based presentations, and extensive field training.Nov 06, 2020Courtenay BCPRD_NRTG24