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ICT: Indigenous AwarenessIndigenous Corporate Training: This training presents the historical background of Indigenous relations in Canada and explains how that background impacts contemporary Indigenous issues that affect all Canadians. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT01
ICT: Indigenous RelationsIndigenous Corporate Training: This training is the companion course to our Indigenous Awareness training. In Indigenous Relations training, our goal is to help you move beyond awareness towards practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT02
ICT: Working Effectively with Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous Corporate Training: Take Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and save $50 as compared to taking Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually (this training is the equivalent of taking both the Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually). This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT03
ICT: Working With UNDRIPIndigenous Corporate Training: This training discusses UNDRIP - the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. You will learn what UNDRIP means and how it affects the consultation and accommodation of Indigenous Peoples in the context of Canada. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT04
eRoot Cause Analysis (eRCA)The eRCA FundamentalsTM course, presented by Sologic, allows participants to gain familiarity and confidence with the Sologic RCA (Root Cause Analysis) method in a three-hour, self-paced course.  PRD_EROOT
Fostering Inclusion: Allyship and the workplaceIn this presentation, we first define allyship as a multi-dimensional set of actions in support of women and other marginalized groups. Our findings demonstrate the positive impacts of allies in engineering workplace cultures (e.g., women's increased identity safety and feelings of inclusion). You will receive research-based suggestions of how to promote allyship, discussing the role of social norms in both encouraging and inhibiting allies.Mar 02, 2021Online PRD_EGBC50
Professional Governance Act OverviewThe Professional Governance Act came into force in February 2021, representing a shift in how the professions of engineering and geoscience are regulated, and introducing new obligations and requirements for professional engineers and geoscientists.Mar 08, 2021Online PRD_EGBC45
Watershed AssessmentsThis is the third in a series of webinars to assist Association of BC Forest Professionals members and Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants with implementing the new joint practice guidelines for watershed assessment and management of hydrologic and geomorphic risk in the forest sector.Mar 09, 2021Online PRD_EGBC47
NSC: Central Interior BC Woody-fuel & Wildfire ReductionNorthern Silviculture Commitee Winter Webinar: Innovations and New Approaches in Woody-fuel and Wildfire-risk Reductions for Central BC Interior Community Interface ForestsMar 25, 2021Online PRD_NSC21
NSC: Innovations in Northern BC ReforestationNorthern Silviculture Commitee Winter Webinar: Innovations in Northern BC ReforestationMar 25, 2021Online PRD_NSC22
Leadership Presence in an Online WorldThe seminar incorporates a powerful process and practice for being an effective leader online. Participants' will gain a powerful process in communicating their leadership in a virtual setting; addressing business issues, needs for collaboration, setting expectations, and leading teamwork, all in a virtual setting.Mar 30, 2021Online PRD_EGBC48
Business Development and Sales SkillsThis program provides registrants with the skills and confidence to effectively address issues relating to sales and business development. Course topics include: presenting your firm's value proposition, discovering your client's requirements, conducting professional sales presentations, and securing commitment while selling.Apr 01, 2021Online PRD_EGBC52
Emotional Intelligence for Engineers and GeoscientistsAs engineers and geoscientists, you require excellent technical skills to get you to where you are now in your professional career. However, if you are to progress to the next level in your career or you want to be a more effective leader, what will that require? What exactly is EI/EQ and why is it so important for professionals who work with numbers? Join David Cory, coach and leadership development specialist, as he shares with you what you need to know as someone who works in a technical profession.Apr 01, 2021Online PRD_EGBC51
2021 SISCO Winter WorkshopTopic: Are We Growing Trees, or Forests? Join SISCO on April 6 - 7, 2021 for their Winter Workshop.Apr 06, 2021Online PRD_SISCO5
Advanced Project ManagementThis course is designed for project executives, directors, managers, and project managers who are involved directly or indirectly in managing projects. This course analyzes current industry practices and introduces some value-improving practices to enhance the delivery of complex construction projects.Apr 07, 2021Online PRD_EGBC53
Developing Workforce Readiness for Climate ChangeA new webinar offered by Royal Roads University looks at the adaptation skills and capacity organizations need to build climate change resilience. The Adaptation Learning Network team at Royal Roads has spent the last two years researching, developing and testing a comprehensive Climate Adaptation Competency Framework to identify the knowledge, skills and behaviours frontline workers need.Apr 07, 2021Online PRD_EGBC60
Leadership CommunicationsThe seminar incorporates leading edge research in both neuroscience and effective leader behaviours to provide participants with the communication skills and processes that work for leading people effectively. Participants' will gain powerful skills in communicating their leadership, addressing performance issues with aplomb, and courageously address judgments that are getting in the way of leading others effectively using a world-renowned communication process.Apr 08, 2021Online PRD_EGBC54
Reserve Fund Studies and Preparation of Depreciation ReportsThis one-day course will provide engineers with a good fundamental understanding of the steps required to conduct contingency reserve fund studies and to prepare depreciation reports, including methods of evaluation and reporting.Apr 12, 2021Online PRD_EGBC55
Team Building on Engineering and Construction ProjectsWhile the contract establishes the legal relationships, the team building, and partnering process is designed to establish working relationships among the parties through a mutually developed formal strategy of commitment and communication. It attempts to create an environment where trust and teamwork prevent disputes, foster a cooperative bond to everyone's benefit, and facilitate the completion of a successful project.Apr 13, 2021Online PRD_EGBC56
Professional Practice Guidelines: Geotechnical EngineeringThis seminar will review and discuss the Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Professional Practice Guidelines - Geotechnical Engineering Services for Building Projects; a revision to the existing guideline was published on Sept. 17, 2020.Apr 14, 2021Online PRD_EGBC57