Steps to Renew

You must renew each year so that you can continue to practise forestry in BC. A registrant renewal notice will be e-mailed to you in October 2021. The deadline to renew your ABCFP registration is November 30, 2021.

Important Dates Steps to Renew Methods to Renew Discontinue Account
Monthly Payments Identify Top Practice Areas Change your Status  


Important Dates

October 5 Registrant renewal notice emailed out.
December 1 Annual registrant fees and self-assessment declarations due.

December 1      

Last date to renew your registration with the association, to avoid being charged an administrative fee of $55.00 for late registrant renewal.

January 31 You will be removed from the directory if we have not received your registrant renewal by this date.


Steps to Renew Your Registrant Account*

All registrants, registrants with special permits for limited licences granted with a permit term of three years or more must complete three steps to renew:
Step 1: Submit your 2021 Self-Assessment Declaration.
Step 2: Notify the ABCFP if there has been a change in your indictable offence status.
Step 3: Pay your fees.


Trainees and retired registrants only need to complete two steps to renew:
Step 1: Notify the ABCFP if there has been a change in your indictable offence status.
Step 2: Pay your fees.


Registrants on leave of absence will need to reinstate or apply for another leave before December 1.


*Registrants facing extenuating circumstances should contact the association in confidence.
Nathan Doidge
Director of Finance & Administration

You Must Complete All Required Steps to Renew 

If you haven’t completed all the required steps by December 1, 2021, you will be subject to additional fees. If you haven't completed all of these steps by January 31, 2022, you will lose your right to practise professional forestry in BC.

Refer to the Membership Renewal Policy  for complete details on your obligations.


Methods to Renew

Renew Online

The fastest and easiest way to renew is online. Sign in to the Manage My Account page and click on the renew registration button. If you have difficulty logging on, send an email to

Renew by Mail, Fax or In-Person

You can also renew by mail, fax or in person by downloading and completing the applicable registrant renewal forms available on the Forms page.


Monthly Payments of Registrant Fees

You can elect to pay fees in monthly installments by way of pre-authorized debits to a designated bank account. There is a $16.80 (including GST) fee for this service and registrants must complete and return the Payor's Authorization For Pre-Authorized Debits form and other required documentation to the ABCFP office no later than November 15.


Reminder to Self-Identify Your Top Three Practice Areas

In what area do you work most: inventory, timber cruising, silviculture, or something else entirely? We are reminding registrants to tell us your top three practice areas at the same time you renew. After you sign in to the Manage My Account page, click on the contact info tab and fill-out or update your professional practice areas and employment industry information.

If you have any questions or concerns about identifying your practice areas, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Change Your Status (Retirement, Leave of Absence or Resignation)

You may be eligible to apply for a change of status (retirement, leave of absence, or resignation), in lieu of renewing your registration, if you will not be working in BC for the coming year.

Common reasons include but are not limited to:

  • unemployment
  • maternity or parental leave
  • returning to school
  • retiring by January 31
  • working outside of the province
  • medically unfit to work

For detailed information on your change of status options, including eligibility requirements refer to the Status & Name Changes page.


Registrant renewal deadlines also apply to change of status applications.

December 1  Registrant Renewal Deadline
Complete applications and any applicable fee(s) must be received by the ABCFP.
December 2  Administrative Fee on Late Registrant Renewal Required
Admin fee is required for LOA and reinstatement applications completed from this date forward.
January 31  Final date to take action, or you will removed from the registrant roll.
See the Discontinue Your Account section for the consequences of removal.


Discontinue Your Registration

If you will not be continuing your registration, you must formally apply for a change of status to resign by January 31. There is no fee to resign; the complete application must be received in our office by this date.  

We encourage you to review all your change of status options before you apply for resignation.

The consequences for not renewing your membership or applying for a change of status (leave of absence, retirement, reinstatement or resignation) are:

  • Removal from the registrant directory/roll for non-payment and/or not completing the self-assessment.
  • Publication of your name on our website, in our magazine, and/or in any other publication to inform the general public of your new status.
  • Your registration is in arrears.  Should you wish to reinstate in the future, you will be required to pay all outstanding fees at the time of removal in addition to applicable reinstatement and registrant fees.
  • You may also be required to complete additional requirements to reinstate your registration, including but not limited to, completing professional educational requirements.