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Study Groups

Create or Join a Study Group

Meet with others in your community or online and form a study group to prepare for an exam. Study groups provide the benefit of shared group knowledge and the support of others who are also preparing to write an exam.

Study Groups

Send an email to the contact person in your area to join their study group or start your own group by emailing with your:

  • name,
  • location (geographic or online), and
  • the name of the exam you are studying for.
Exam Contact  Location 
4B Exam  Hyangwon Lee, TFT
1b Regulation and Ethics Exam Melissa Gauchier 
Port Hardy / Port McNeill 
Kayla MacDougall 
Lac La Hache
1d Regulatory Framework Exam
Melissa Rode, RFT, FIT 
 West Kootenay area
Zain Krishnan

FITs and TFTs are encouraged to study together as one group for the benefit of both.

Confidentiality of the exams:  Registrants who have completed an exam may not share exam questions or answers with other registrants under any circumstances.  As noted in the Online Exam Rules, our exams are confidential, and cannot be copied, printed, saved, recorded, or reproduced in any manner at any time. Information about test items cannot be disclosed or disseminated before, during, or after the exam, including during a study group session. Exam copies will not be provided for failed or passed exams.