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E-Course Stay in Your Lane: Practice Rights FundamentalsStay in Your Lane: Practice Rights Fundamentals examines the practice rights of forest professionals under the Professional Governance Act (PGA).Register Now22A_E_PRF1
Webinar10/11/2022Managing without glyphosate? The factors worth consideringThis free ABCFP webinar will present facts about the use of glyphosate in BC forests, including an overview of some of the risks and a discussion about why decision-making around herbicide use is different today than it was even a decade ago.Register Now22A_W_GBH1
Webinar11/16/2022Introduction to Sediment Evaluation and ManagementThis free ABCFP webinar is about fine sediment erosion and control practices on resource roads in BC.Register Now22A_W_SEM3
External Events11/9/20226th annual Bark Beetle SummitThe Ministry of Forests hosts the sixth annual Bark Beetle Summit, designed to share current research, new ideas for living with bark beetles, and to ensure that forest health and resilience remain at the forefront of management.Register Now22E_C_BBS
External Events10/12/2022EGBC Virtual Annual ConferenceThe Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) virtual annual conference is October 12-13, 2022.Register Now22E_C_EGBC
External Events Advanced GIS CertificateThis 500-hour, part-time program from Okanagan College will introduce students to the essentials of using GIS to create maps and edit and manage GIS data.Register Now22E_C_OKC1
Webinar10/17/2022Introduction to Electronic Document AuthenticationIntroduction to Electronic Document Authentication is a free webinar for ABCFP registrants on the use and best practices of digital signatures.Register Now22E_W_EDA1
External Events11/21/2022Gender in the WorkplaceThis Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) webinar provides a strong foundation of knowledge on the topic of gender and how gender diversity impacts the workplace.Register Now22E_W_EG09
External Events11/24/2022LGBTQ2+ Inclusion in the WorkplaceThis EGBC webinar provides important information about LGBTQ2+ communities, including terminology.Register Now22E_W_EG10
External Events11/25/2022Stress ManagementThis EGBC webinar takes stress management to a deeper level of awareness so that participants understand their root cause of stress, the impact, and what actions they can take to minimize and release it.Register Now22E_W_EG11
External Events11/28/2022Indigenous Inclusion in the WorkplaceAs part of the recommendations laid out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report, this EGBC webinar offers employers and team members the opportunity to build solid relationships with Indigenous communities and Indigenous team members, thus harnessing the strength of an engaged workforce.Register Now22E_W_EG12
External Events12/1/2022Including Persons with DisabilitiesThis EGBC webinar will discuss valuable information to better understand disability in Canada, its impact on the workplace, as well as important strategies to improve the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workplace.Register Now22E_W_EG13
External Events12/5/2022Race and Ethnicity in CanadaThis EGBC webinar session examines the impact of race and ethnicity in Canada and provides the learner with suggestions on how to address racism at an organizational level.Register Now22E_W_EG14
Webinar11/7/2022Explaining Duty to ReportThe Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (OSPG) hosts a free interactive webinar explaining a registrants’ obligations under the Duty to Report requirements in Section 58 of the Professional Governance Act (PGA).Register Now22E_W_OSPG
E-Course Working with Indigenous CommunitiesThe purpose of this ABCFP e-course is to equip practicing registrants to respectfully and effectively work with Indigenous Peoples within the context of professional forestry.Register NowABCFP_0414
E-Course Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct e-courseThis ABCFP e-course introduces registrants to the nine ethical and professional standards contained within the Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct.Register NowCEPC_0621
E-Course Climate Change Overview micro-courseThis ABCFP micro-course will introduce you to the current state of BC's climate, the impact of climate change on forests, and principles for creating effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.Register NowCLIMATE
E-Course Assessing Your Interpersonal and Communication SkillsThis ABCFP micro-course introduces a simple process to formally self- and peer-assess your communication and interpersonal competencies in order to identify gaps and areas for improvement.Register NowCOMMS
E-Course Principles of Forest Stewardship e-courseThe purpose of this ABCFP short-course is to clarify and reinforce your understanding of forest stewardship.Register NowFS_01
E-Course Introduction to Conflict Management e-courseThis ABCFP module is an introduction to conflict management.Register NowICM_01

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