Special Practice Permits Holders

  • Have permits granted on a temporary basis to practise aspects of professional forestry in BC.
  • Can have one of three types of special permits.

Limited Licence

You may qualify for a Limited Licence to practise if you do not have the educational requirements to become a forest professional but satisfy us that you meet the required standards to engage in certain limited aspects of professional forestry practice.
Eligibility Requirements

You must have a science degree in a discipline and from a university program approved by council; a diploma from a college program or other academic qualification approved by council; or have other qualifications acceptable to council.

You must have five years of experience in forestry work satisfactory to council. The experience requirement may include up to a maximum of three years spent in obtaining post secondary academic education acceptable to council. At least the last two years experience must have been gained from working within the area of the practice of professional forestry to which the Limited Licence is to apply, one year of which must have been within BC.


If you are eligible to apply for a Limited Licence, complete the Special Permit: Limited Licence Application Package and submit it and any other required documents and fees to the registration department.

Your application will be reviewed by the ABCFP and a teleconference interview with you and guarantors and/or a field review will be conducted to assess whether you have the skills and abilities to perform the work described in the intended scope of practice and/or draft limited licence.

If you qualify for a Limited Licence but are not a registrant, you will be required to complete professional development requirements and exam(s), which will assess your knowledge of professional obligations under the ABCFP Code of Ethical and Professional Conduct and other applicable ABCFP Bylaws.

A Limited Licence is granted if you are approved.

Note: Limited Licences are valid for the term issued and may be renewed at the discretion of council.

Complete details about Limited Licences are contained in Bylaw 6.

Visiting Professional Foresters

If you are a professional forester visiting from a recognized jurisdiction outside BC and you will be working in BC on a specific job for less than one year, you may qualify for a special permit.

Special permits for Visiting Professional Foresters are limited to the time required to undertake a specific task or project and do not normally exceed 12 months. As a Visiting Professional Forester, you may apply for one extension of the term of your special permit (prior to its expiration). Special permits for Visiting Professional Foresters may only be renewed once unless special circumstances can be demonstrated.

Bylaw 5 provides more details regarding special permits for Visiting Professional Foresters.


The application package for Visiting Professional Foresters is under development. Please contact the registration department directly for more information.

Questions: Contact the registration department.