Contributor Guidelines

BC Forest Professional (BCFP) publishes four editions per year: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. BCFP is circulated to over 5,600 Registered Professional Foresters, Registered Forest Technologists, associate registrants, trainees, as well as other interested stakeholders. BCFP is also available to the public on the ABCFP website. To ensure your submission is considered, you must not miss our deadlines. If you are interested in contributing an article, letter, case study, obituary, or image to BC Forest Professional, please contact the editor.

Self-promotional or marketing pieces will not be accepted. If you are interested in advertising opportunities in BC Forest Professional, contact the editor. Unfortunately, due to space limitations and the interests of our readers, we cannot publish every submission we receive.

Purpose of BC Forest Professional

BC Forest Professional has four primary goals:

  1. Contribute to the ongoing competency of ABCFP registrants by providing articles spotlighting the latest research, case studies, and information relating to the practice of professional forestry;
  2. Keep ABCFP registrants informed of association news and professional issues;
  3. Provide ABCFP registrants with a vehicle in which they can freely express their opinions about issues affecting the practice of professional forestry; and
  4. Provide information about the profession to non-registrants.

Editorial Process

All submissions are reviewed by an editorial advisory panel comprised of ABCFP registrants. The editorial advisory panel determines which submissions will be printed. If your submission is approved, the editor will work with you to ensure the article meets BCFP publishing requirements. The following criteria are considered:

  • The topic is relevant and of interest to our readers.
  • The article must be well organized, flow logically, and offer a unique or interesting point of view. Ensure you present a question or problem, discuss it, and then offer a potential solution.
  • Readers must benefit from reading your article; they must learn something new. The article should meet one of the magazine’s four goals.

Submission Categories

  • Letters: The letters section is for readers responding to recent articles and for brief statements about current ABCFP, professional, or forestry issues. The editor reserves the right to edit and condense letters. Letters must adhere to standards of fairness, accuracy, legality, and civility. Anonymous letters are not accepted. (Maximum word count: 300.)
  • Feature Articles: Feature articles must be on issues relevant to the profession of forestry and our readers. Priority is given to articles written by ABCFP registrants. Submissions should include high resolution photos and short biographies (50 words max) of all authors. Accompanying images are encouraged. (Maximum word count: 1,000.)
  • Case Studies/Research Updates/Science in Action: Though not a science journal, we do publish articles about forestry-related research. Submissions should explain the research and relate it to our readers. Submissions should include high resolution photos and short biographies (50 words max) of all authors. Accompanying images are encouraged. (Maximum word count: 1,000.)
  • Obituaries: It is very important to ABCFP registrants to receive word of the passing of a colleague. The editorial team relies on ABCFP registrants and/or family members to provide obituaries for publication. Submissions should include a high resolution image. (Maximum word count: 300.)

Submission Technical Requirements

  • Word Count: Maximum word counts are provided for each submission category. Letter, article, case study, and obituary submissions may not be published if they exceed the maximum word count.
  • Submission Format: Please send us your submissions in Word (DOC or DOCX) format.
  • Image Requirements: Please send us your digital, colour photos saved as JPG or TIF files. Please ensure you have the rights to use any images you submit. They must be print quality (at least 300 dpi). Ensure your camera is set on ‘high’ or ‘fine’ to ensure the best quality. Send your image(s) as an email attachment. Do not embed them in a Word document.

Editorial Schedule

Note: If you are planning on submitting an article, please contact the editor as soon as possible before the deadlines:

  • Fall 2021 edition, submission deadline: July 5, 2021; 
  • Winter 2021 submission deadline: October 4, 2021;
  • Spring 2022 submission deadline: January 4, 2022;
  • Summer 2022 submission deadline: April 4, 2022;
  • Fall 2022 submission deadline: July 4, 2022.

Writers’ Recognition

We are unable to pay authors for the articles we publish; however, all article and case study submissions are eligible for the annual BC Forest Professional Best Article Award, which recognize outstanding contributions. This award is presented during the ABCFP annual forestry conference and AGM.


If you are interested in submitting an article and want feedback on the relevance of your story idea, and/or how to craft your piece, please contact the editor.