September 2022 Registrant Statistics

Note:  Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting. Check the registrant directory on the ABCFP website (login required) for the current list. 

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of September 2022:

New Registrations - RPF

  • Kacey Curiston, RPF
  • Juliet Migdalia Goveia, RPF
  • Sydney Nicole Eriksen Havenga, RPF 
  • Jonathan Rothwell, RPF
  • Bailey Ellen Williams, RPF

New Registrations - RFT

  • Branden Lee Soroka, RFT


  • Madeline Kruschke, FIT 
  • Laura Monk, FIT 
  • Jackson Potter, FIT 
  • Sebastian David Sorescu, FIT 
  • Mariah Robin Wittkamp, FIT 


  • Adrienne Blok, TFT
  • Riley Gregory Kazanowski, TFT
  • Brittnee Jane Millner, TFT
  • Hunter Charles Stefan Yon, TFT

Reinstatements - RPF

  • Melissa Lauren Fietz, RPF 

Reinstatements - RFT

  • Daryll Williams Cairns, RFT 

Reinstatements RPF - Retired

  • Leslie H.K. Dillabaugh, RPF


  • Robert Peter Kellas

Reinstatements (LOA - RPF)

  • Joanna Grace de Montreuil, RPF
  • Stephanie Madelaine Deevy, RPF
  • Lisa Katherine Lenarduzzi, RPF

The following people are not authorized  to practice professional forestry in BC: 

Resigned FIT

  • Malek Haghshenas

Removal (Non-completion - RPF)

  • Christopher Jon Luhtala
  • Gregory Eric Paradis