June 2021 Registrant Statistics

Note:  Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting. Check the registrant directory on the ABCFP website (login required) for the current list. 

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of June 2021:

New registrations - RPF
New registrations - RFT
New permits (limited licence)
Reinstatements - RPF
Reinstatements - TFT
Reinstatements (LOA - FIT)
Reinstatements (LOA - TFT)

New registrations - RPF

  • Stacey Duena Maria Jannie Boks, RPF
  • Kent Foster, RPF
  • Clayton John Franz, RPF
  • Kingsley Kyere-Donkor, RPF
  • Joel William Mortyn, RPF
  • Jeremy Walter Penzin, RPF
  • Tyler Cole Schneider, RPF
  • Catherine Grace Arezou Singh, RPF
  • Cole Robert Troughton, RPF
  • Brenden James Voysey, RPF

New registrations - RFT

  • Dustin Tyler Anderberg, RFT 
  • Colby Kelvin Bedford, RFT 
  • Rebecca Dawn Chettleborough, RFT 
  • Karli Brianne Ferrell, RFT
  • Brianne Caitlin Mikulasik, RFT 
  • Callum Edward Passingham, RFT 
  • Alyssa Victoria Skaalid, RFT 
  • Wesley Richard Robert Van Camp, RFT 
  • Megan Yelland, RFT


  • Andrea Fernande Aube, FIT
  • Triana K. Bojarski, FIT 
  • Nathan Allen Brady, FIT 
  • Benjamin Matthew Casselman, FIT
  • Maxwell Catt, FIT 
  • Adam Colpitts, FIT 
  • Jesse David Crego, FIT 
  • Alexander Ross Davis, FIT 
  • Kyle Mckenzie Dickenson, FIT 
  • RenĂ©e Flipot, FIT 
  • Carmen Rachel Jeune, RFT, FIT 
  • Jasper Richard MacKenzie, FIT 
  • Dominique A. Manwaring, FIT 
  • Rianna Sarah Martindale, RFT, FIT 
  • Tyler David Percy, FIT 
  • Hannah Rebekah Sachs, FIT 
  • Danielle Elizabeth Scott, FIT
  • Erin Thomsen, FIT
  • Duncan Rhys Walters, FIT 
  • Jacob Booker Wiens, FIT 


  • Stephanie Nicole Bernier, TFT
  • Holly Samantha Colwell, TFT 
  • Gillian Kathleen Ferster, TFT 
  • Nicholas Owen Hadaller, TFT 
  • Micheal Robert Johnston, TFT 
  • Benjamin Koby, TFT 
  • Natasha Tina Lebiadowski, TFT 
  • Kyle James McIlwain, TFT 
  • Tyrone Mutch, TFT 
  • Caribe Susanne Niemann, TFT 
  • Chelsy Normandeau, TFT 
  • Matthew John Paul, TFT 
  • Melissa Marcelle Vesper, TFT 
  • Robert Kieran Anthony Watts, TFT 
  • Christopher David Earnest Williams, TFT, ATC 

New permits (limited licence)

  • Cody Jonathan Schedel, RFT, limited licensee


  • Timothy Stanley Tedford, ATC 

Reinstatements - RPF

  • Stephen B. P. Jablanczy, RPF

Reinstatements - TFT

  • Nathan Michael O'Reilley, TFT
  • Justin Kenneth Perry, TFT 

Reinstatements (LOA - FIT)

  • Juliet Migdalia Goveia, FIT

Reinstatements (LOA - TFT)

  • Yasmine Boilard, TFT