May 2021 Registrant Statistics

Note:  Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting. Check the registrant directory on the ABCFP website (login required) for the current list. 

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of May 2021:
New Registrations - RPF
New Registration - RFT
Reinstatements - RPF
Reinstatements (LOA-FIT)
Reinstatements (LOA-TFT)
Removal (non-payment-RFT)

New Registrations - RPF

  • Jacob Henry Atherton, RPF
  • Cameron Robert Smith Duckett, RPF
  • Chengdong Fang, RPF
  • Phillip M. Howe, RPF
  • Raza Khataw, RPF
  • Aurora Denise Kutasewich Lavender, RPF
  • Cassidy Jane Mannering, RPF
  • Dooyong Song, RPF

New Registrations - RFT

  • Edward Michael Byrne, RFT 
  • Bryan Jonathan Gander, RFT 
  • Raquel Evelyn Helene Gilstead, RFT 
  • Tyrone Adley Green, RFT
  • Joshua Muskqua Laboucane, RFT 
  • Benjamin Wayland MacKenzie, RFT
  • Jody Irene Nicholas, RFT
  • Kathleen Donena Smith, RFT
  • Eric Dale Wilson, RFT


  • Dr. Samuel Bartels, FIT 
  • Makayla Berger, FIT
  • Zachary Scott Bernard, FIT
  • Dr. Bianca N.I. Eskelson, FIT
  • Callum James Fallis, FIT
  • Miles David Hogan, FIT
  • Evan Horley, FIT
  • Ryan Jackalin, FIT
  • Drew Campbell Kenmuir, FIT
  • Julie Katherine Kline, FIT
  • Georgina Kate Magnus, FIT
  • Samantha Glynis Nuyens, RFT, FIT 
  • Emilie Rivest, FIT 
  • Kennedy Thomson, FIT 


  • Carsten Durkop, TFT 
  • Joseph Pierre Eric Gagne, TFT
  • Aaron Walter Lee, TFT
  • Kayla Peachey, TFT
  • Alyssa Danielle Racine, TFT
  • Alexander Carl Roberts, TFT 
  • Trent Daniel Swinarchuk, TFT 
  • Colin Thomas Tyson, TFT
  • Bailey Anne Vienneau, TFT 
  • Jacob Williams, TFT


  • Christopher Williams, ATC 

Reinstatements - RPF

  • Timothy Donald Heemskerk, RPF 

Reinstatements (LOA-FIT)

  • Matus Benko, FIT
  • Felicya Lau, FIT 

Reinstatements (LOA-TFT)

  • Raquel Evelyn Helene Gilstead, RFT
  • Garrett Andrew Lakey, TFT

The following people are not entitled to practice professional forestry in BC: 

Removal (non-payment-RFT)

  • Sidney Donald Zwicker