ABCFP Council

What Does Council Do?

Council governs, controls, and administers the affairs of the ABCFP in accordance with the Professional Governance Act and its regulations.
The Professional Governance Act requires that ABCFP Council be composed of 12 people:

  • seven registrant councillors, including the president and vice-president;
  • the immediate past president (non-voting position); and
  • four lay councillors who are not ABCFP registrants and who are appointed by the lieutenant-governor in council.

All councillors serve three-year terms.
The purpose and role of ABCFP council is to govern the Association of BC Forest Professionals as it works to fulfil its responsibilities.
There are six key aspects of governing:

  • Providing Guidance and Direction - this involves setting the mission, vision, strategic goals, core values, governing principles of the ABCFP. It also involves working to identify and address strategic issues likely to have a material impact on the ABCFP or the registrants it exists to serve.
  • Establishing Standards of Organizational Conduct - this involves setting standards that everyone in the ABCFP must follow, and setting policy limits about how the work of the ABCFP is to be carried out.
    Council endorses bylaws that include standards every registrant must meet including entrance standards (Bylaw 5, 6); standards of ethical and professional conduct (Bylaw 9, Schedule A); practice and competence standards for forest resource activities (Bylaw 9 – Schedule B); and continuing competence standards (Bylaw 10). Council also sets governance policies that provide specific direction and parameters to guide ABCFP business programs in addition to the direction set in bylaws.
  • Providing Organizational Oversight of the ABCFP’s Business Operations - council is responsible to recruit, hire, and monitor the performance of the Chief Executive Officer and maintain broad oversight of the management, administration, and operations of functions and programs of the ABCFP.
  • Protecting the ABCFP’s Interests - council monitors and mitigates key risks of the ABCFP; ensures transparent annual reporting on the key outcomes and performance of the business, and works to ensure council is high functioning with strong governance practices. 
  • Ensuring the ABCFP’s Financial Health and Sustainability - council approves budgets that meet operational and strategic requirements and comply with set policy, as well as approving the annual auditing process.
  • Maintaining knowledge of, and a relationship with, ABCFP stakeholders and partners - council is often involved in both the development and execution of plans for engagement with stakeholders and partners.
For more information about council governance, please review the Council Governance Policy.

Thinking About Running For Council?

The nominations committee administers the process for nomination of registrants, who are qualified, for election to the council.  Learn more about qualifications to become a registrant councillor and the nomination process in the terms of reference for the nomination committee.
Learn how to apply to become a lay councillor through the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office.