Mandate, Vision and Mission


The Association of BC Forest Professionals protects the public interest by regulating the practice of professional forestry. Only those registered with the ABCFP are legally permitted to practise professional forestry in BC.

The ABCFP establishes the conditions or requirements for registration and establishes, monitors, and enforces standards of practice. The ABCFP preserves and protects reserved titles (RPF, RFT) or reserved practices, as applicable, and guards against the unlawful use of reserved titles or the unlawful practise of reserved practices. 


Forest professionals are trusted.


To protect the public interest by ensuring BC has competent and accountable forest professionals who achieve good forest stewardship.

Guiding Principles

  • We act in the public interest.
  • We support reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples through education, awareness, and inclusion.
  • We engage our registrants.
  • We value partnerships and collaboration.
  • We provide effective support and recognition for volunteers, staff, and registrants.
  • We support national co-operation.
  • We foster diversity and inclusivity.
  • We embrace technology and evidence-based decision making.

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