LMS Maintenance

LMS Platform Change Update

New Totara LMS Now Available!

We are excited to inform you our new Totara learning management system (LMS) is now available.

The Totara LMS has many improvements including:

  • easier exam and module navigation for enrolled members,
  • easier sponsor access to enrolled member content, and
  • better tracking and administrative functions for the ABCFP.

Signing In
Your username and password remain the same. The LMS sign-in link has changed.

  1. Go the ABCFP home page: www.abcfp.ca.
  2. Click on ‘LMS’ on the green menu.
  3. Sign-in to the LMS: https://abcfp.ca/WEB/ABCFP/LMS_SSO.aspx

Note: If you have a cached browser history or any saved bookmarks to the old LMS, the sign-in may not work.  Please ensure you use a supported browser, clear your browser’s cached history and try signing-in again. 

Navigating the LMS 
The navigation process is similar to before.

  • Enrolled members will navigate to their Roadmap to see a list of their requirements and progress, and to launch the next module.
  • Sponsors will navigate to their Team to see their enrolled member’s progress, review/mark modules and get exam PIN information.

Remember to access modules in the LMS, you need to enable popups for this site using the popup blocker settings on your browser.

Progress Tracking
Enrolled members will notice their progress on the Roadmap has been carried over from the old system. All modules completed in their entirety, by July 17, are reflected in your new LMS roadmap.  If you were part way through the module you must restart it from the beginning.  

Need Help?
Check out our new Knowledge Base, where you will find information on:
  • getting started,
  • how to's
  • FAQ's and more.
If you need to get in touch with the ABCFP registration team, submit a ticket for help through the Knowledge Base. 

Our team has been working hard to get the system ready. If you see anything unusual or experience any technical issues, please let us know.  A member of the registration team will get back to you as soon as possible.  

We appreciate your feedback and patience as we all make this transition.   Sign in to the LMS to get started now. 

Periodic System Maintenance

Periodic system maintenance will be required; see the LMS Maintenance Procedures for details.