LMS System Update

New LMS Platform Coming July 23rd!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the ABCFP’s new Learning Management System (LMS) platform, Totara, starting July 23!

Preparing for the Change

Completing Your Current Modules

  • We will be importing your progress on the Roadmap to Registration to the new system. Only modules that you have fully completed by the date listed below will be imported. 
  • The new Totara system is not related to the current system; progress can only be tracked for fully completed modules in the new system.
  • If you are in the middle of a module and would like it to be marked as complete in your Roadmap in the new system, you must complete this module by 1:00pm PDT, on July 17th. 
    •  For learning modules, you must read all the slides for the module to be marked complete.
    •  For application modules (2c, 4e, 6b), your sponsor must review and approve your uploaded submission by this date.  If it is not marked in time, you will be able to re-upload it in the new system for sponsor review.
  • After 1:00pm on July 17th, you will be required to restart any incomplete modules from the beginning, once the new platform goes live on July 23rd.
    • For any partially completed modules, make a note of the slide you are on so that you can click through to that point in the new LMS.
  • Uploaded files will not be imported into the new platform. If there are any files you would like for your records, please be sure to sign in before this date and download copies. 

LMS Blackout Period

The LMS will be unavailable from Thursday, July 18th through Monday, July 22nd so that we can finish all system and data migration tasks with no new data being generated.

  •  During this time, you will not be able to sign in to the existing or new LMS.  
  •  We will notify you by email once the new system is ready for use.

In the event that the changeover takes longer than anticipated, please check here for updates.
We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to get the new system up and running. 


Contact us at LMShelp@abcfp.ca and a member of our team will get back to you.

LMS System Maintenance

Module 4e updates

Module 4e Forest Legislation and Policy Application is scheduled for an update effective July 23.  The current version of this module will be replaced with an updated version.  Progress from the current version will not be maintained in the updated version.

This module will be temporarily closed to new enrollments starting July 2.  It will reopen on July 23.

This is your advance notice that you must either

  1. complete module 4e Upload by July 15 (this includes sponsor review and approval).If you are working to complete the module by this date please also forward this message to your sponsor to let him/her know, OR
  2. complete the updated module 4e after July 23.  Members who are enrolled but have not completed module 4e will need to review the new module after July 23. Members can enroll in this module directly from their LMS roadmap.

Updates to module 4e will include:

  • clearer, streamlined instructions.
  • succinct required elements and formatting guidelines.
  • a list of appropriate topic examples.
  • a clearer marking rubric for sponsors.

We hope you find these changes helpful.  Please contact our team with feedback or questions at lmshelp@abcfp.ca and one of our staff will get back to you.

Module 1b updates

1b Regulation and Ethics Exam will be updated effective July 22nd.   

  • Please note the only changes are to the total number of questions and time allotted.
  • The updated exam will have:
    • a total of 100 questions, and
    • 3 hours to complete the exam.
  • The exam focus, pass percentage and everything else remains the same.
  • Module 1a also remains unchanged.

The 1b Study Guide will be updated to reflect this change once the new exam is available.


Periodic system maintenance

Periodic system maintenance is required every third Monday of the month from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am (all modules, including exams will be unavailable); see the LMS Maintenance Procedures for details. We thank you for your patience.