Published: November 2015

(Guidelines for interpreting Bylaw 12 are available.)

12.1 All members, however and wherever they may practice, are bound by these standards of professional practice.

12.2 Competence

12.2.1 Competent members maintain sufficient knowledge in their field(s) of practice.
12.2.2 Competent members ensure their work is complete, correct and clear.
12.2.3 Competent members exercise appropriate judgment and discretion with due care.
12.2.4 Competent members provide professional work that is measurable or verifiable and can provide a rationale as to the methods used in measuring or verifying.

12.3 Independence

12.3.1 Members hold paramount, public interest and professional principles.

12.4 Integrity

12.4.1 Members, in private life, professional practice, or outside professional activities, always conduct themselves honourably and in ways which sustain and enhance their professional integrity and the integrity of the profession as a whole.

12.5 Due Diligence

12.5.1 Members exercise due diligence by being prudent and doing all work with constant and careful attention.

12.6 Stewardship

12.6.1 Members demonstrate stewardship by balancing present and future values against the capacity of the land to provide for those values.

12.7 Safety

12.7.1 Members maintain safe work practices and consider the safety of workers and others in the practice of professional forestry.

12A: Forest Resource Operations

12A.1 In this Bylaw:
12A.1.1 “Guidelines” means the Guidelines for Professional Services in the Forest Sector – Crossings approved by council, as updated and amended from time to time; and
12A.1.2 “crossing” has the same meaning as in the Guidelines.

12A.2 Subject to Bylaw 12A.3, every member providing services included in the practice of professional forestry in relation to a crossing project must comply with the Guidelines.

12A.3 In exceptional circumstances, a member may depart from a particular standard set out in the Guidelines if it is appropriate to do so for an identified reason, which must be specifically documented and supported by a written rationale that is consistent with the Code of Ethics in Bylaw 11 and the standards of professional practice in Bylaw 12.

Download Bylaw 12: Standards of Professional Practice in PDF format.


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