Published: November 2015

9.1 The fees, levies, assessments, and charges applicable for a given fiscal year shall be set out in a schedule to be published to the membership annually.

9.2 Annual membership fees for all classes and categories of membership are due and payable in full on the first day of the association’s fiscal year.

9.3 For persons applying for certification, or certificates of accreditation, or to become enrolled or re-enrolled as Foresters-in-Training, Forestry Pupils, or Trainee Forest Technologists, the enrolment or re-enrolment fee, as the case may be, plus any applicable exam fees, and applicable annual membership fee are payable at the time of application. In the event the application is not approved, the enrolment or re-enrolment fee shall be forfeited and the applicable annual membership fee shall be returned to the applicant.

9.4 Abatements, if any, for annual membership fees may only be granted on such terms and conditions as council deems appropriate.

9.5 The terms and conditions for abatements, if any, established by council may differ between classes of membership and between categories within classes of membership.

9.6 Council may assess one (1) or more penalties for overdue fees, levies, assessments, or charges.

9.7 No memberships shall be renewed until any and all outstanding fees, levies, assessments, charges, and/or penalties, including, without limitation, those assessed in the course of disciplinary proceedings, have been paid in full or until such time as arrangements satisfactory to council for their payment have been made.

9.8 On written application and for due and sufficient cause council may, at its discretion, remit or defer a member’s annual membership fees or associated penalties or both without removing the member’s name from registration.

9.9 Except as determined by council resolution, examination fees are payable at the time of application to write any single examination or group of examinations. In the event that an applicant does not write an examination as scheduled, the examination fee shall be forfeited unless the applicant can show extenuating circumstances satisfactory to council.

9.10 When an enrolled member applies to change his/her status from the enrolled to registered membership class, he/she must pay the prescribed registration fee at the time application is made. If the application is prior to the end of the fiscal year, the applicable annual membership fees shall be levied on the next billing cycle.

9.11 Individuals who have retired or resigned, are life members, are on a leave of absence, or have been suspended or struck from the Rolls and who wish to and are eligible to reinstate their membership status to that of a registered member must, at the time application is made, pay a reinstatement fee, applicable annual membership fees, plus any other penalties, fines, levies, assessments, and/or charges remaining outstanding at the time application is made, in addition to any other non financial related requirements established by council.

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