Published: November 2015

7.1 The Board of Examiners consists of the following people appointed by council:

7.1.1 At least one council member;
7.1.2 At least five (5) voting members appointed by council, of which at least two (2) shall be RFTs; and
7.1.3 Up to two (2) persons who need not be association members.

7.2 The Board of Examiners shall:

7.2.1 Examine the proficiency of candidates for enrolment, registration, or special permits;
7.2.2 Examine the proficiency of candidates for enrolment as Trainee Natural Resource Professionals (T-NRP) and for associate membership as Natural Resource Professionals (NRP) and the granting of their certificates of accreditation.
7.2.3 Advise council on, and develop policies and procedures pertaining to: Academic standards; Accreditation; Enrolment; All other matters leading up to registration not otherwise covered herein; Registration; The granting of special permits; and Certificates of accreditation to Natural Resource Professional (NRPs).

7.2.4 Conduct examinations, including registration examinations, examinations for certificates of accreditation to Natural Resource Professionals (NRPs) and examinations in subject or course areas deemed necessary and appropriate by council;
7.2.5 Hear and decide upon matters before the academic appeals committee; and
7.2.6 Advise council on such other matters as council requests from time-to-time.

7.3 To the extent not otherwise addressed in these bylaws, council may, by resolution, establish policies and procedures for the conduct of Board of Examiners’ business, or may request that the Board of Examiners do so on its own behalf.

Download Bylaw 7: Board of Examiners in PDF format.


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