Published: November 2015

3.1 There shall be two (2) times during the annual general meeting at which resolutions may be considered; the business session and the advisory resolutions session.

3.2 All resolutions proposed at the business session (“business resolutions”), with the exception of resolutions necessary under Bylaw 3.7, shall follow the procedures and timelines set out in Bylaw 2.

3.3 No business resolution adopted is binding unless and until ratified by ballot of the members.

3.4 Within six (6) months from the date a business resolution is adopted at an association meeting, council shall put the subject matter of that business resolution before the voting members for ballot in accordance with the procedures established under Bylaw 4.

3.5 Council may include such other information as it deems prudent to inform the members of the subject matter of the business resolution, the context in which it was adopted at the association meeting, and the debate both for and against the motion.

3.6 All resolutions proposed at the advisory resolutions session (“advisory resolutions”) shall:

3.6.1 Be submitted in writing within the timeline specified by council;
3.6.2 Require one mover and one seconder, at least one of whom must speak to the resolution;
3.6.3 Not require prior written notice to the members; but
3.6.4 If carried, be advisory only and shall not bind council or the association.

3.7 The business that must be conducted in the business session of the annual general meeting shall include, at a minimum:

3.7.1 Adoption of minutes of the previous annual general meeting;
3.7.2 Adoption by resolution of annual reports;
3.7.3 Adoption by resolution of the audited financial statements;
3.7.4 Appointment by resolution of auditors;
3.7.5 Appointment by resolution of a returning officer and two or more scrutineers for the purposes of Bylaw 4.15 ;
3.7.6 Reporting of council election results;
3.7.7 Ratification by resolution of actions taken by council and staff on behalf of the association in the preceding year; and
3.7.8 Any other business specified in the notice of meeting.

Download Bylaw 3: Annual General Meeting in PDF format.


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