Bylaw 8 ‎–‎ Use of Professional Seal and Signture

Published: July 2022

Professional seal

8-1 (1) The registrar must issue or authorize the issuance of a professional seal or stamp to every practising RPF registrant and practising RFT registrant.

(2) The registrar may issue or authorize the issuance of a professional seal or stamp to members of another category or subcategory of registrants other than practising RPF registrants or practising RFT registrants.
(3) A registrant who is responsible for the preparation of a professional document may affix a seal or stamp issued or authorized under subsection (1) or (2) to the professional document.
(4) The registrar may establish standards specifying classes of professional documents that must be sealed or stamped under subsection (3) in order to be valid.

Identification of professional work

8-2 (1) Every registrant engaged in the practice of professional forestry must ensure that the registrant’s responsibility for any professional work prepared by or under the supervision of the registrant, or for which the registrant is responsible, is identified in accordance with the requirements of this section and any applicable standards established by the registrar.

(2) The minimum standards for identifying a registrant’s responsibility for professional work must allow for confirmation of 

(a) the registrant’s identity, 
(b) the registrant’s professional designation, including 

(i) the registrant’s category and, if applicable, subcategory of registration, and
(ii) if applicable, the technical occupation in which the registrant is certified,

(c) the registrant’s signature,
(d) the date of the professional work, and
(e) any other information required by standards established by the registrar.

(3) If some or all of the work described in a professional document was not carried out directly by the registrant who is identified as responsible for that professional work, and the registrant is satisfied that the professional work has been carried out to the standards expected of a registrant, the registrant must add a certification statement to the professional document in the one of the following two forms, as applicable:

(a) “I certify that the work described herein fulfills the standards expected of a registrant of the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals and that I did personally supervise the work”;
(b) “I certify that I have reviewed this document and, while I did not personally supervise the work described, I have determined that this work has been completed to the standards expected of a registrant of the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals.”

Responsibility for professional work

8-3 Despite any other provision in the bylaws, registrants are professionally accountable for all professional work that they prepare or that is prepared under their supervision, regardless of the means by which the work is presented or communicated to others, and regardless of whether or not the work is sealed, stamped or signed by the registrant or whether or not the registrant’s responsibility for the work is otherwise identified.

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