Professional Forestry Practice Areas

Professional Forestry Practice Areas are subset areas within the general Practice of Professional Forestry and include work, activities, and tasks which can only be undertaken by registered forest professionals. 

Professional Forestry Practice Areas*

  1. Auditing, Inspecting, Monitoring and Verifying Forest Operations, Plans and Practices
  2. Compliance and Enforcement in Forest Management
  3. Forest Certification
  4. Forest Conservation
  5. Forest Ecosystem Assessment, Planning and Stewardship
  6. Forest Education and Training
  7. Forest Harvest Planning
  8. Forest Harvest Operations Management and Oversight
  9. Forest Health Damage and Invasive Species
  10. Forest Inventory and Analysis
  11. Forest Legislation and Policy Development and Administration
  12. Forest Resources Contract Management and Administration
  13. Forest/Watershed Level Planning and Management
  14. Forest Measurements (timber cruising, surveys)
  15. Forest Recreation Planning and Management
  16. Forest Research and Climate Change Adaptation
  17. Forest Roads and Transportation
  18. Forest Tenure, Licence, Permits and Authorization
  19. Forest Geographic Information Systems and Mapping
  20. Growth and Yield
  21. Indigenous Forest Management
  22. International and Interprovincial Forestry
  23. Landscape Level Strategic Forest Planning and Management
  24. Silviculture
  25. Stand Level Forest Planning and Management (Site Plans)
  26. Small Scale Forest Management
  27. Supervising, Directing and Advising Forest Plans, Practices and Professionals
  28. Timber Pricing and Appraisals
  29. Timber and Forest Land Valuation
  30. Tree Improvement/Genetics
  31. Tree Seed and Seedling Planning and Production
  32. Urban Forest Management
  33. Visual Resource Management of Forests
  34. Wildfire and Forest Fuel Planning and Management
  35. Wildfire Rehabilitation Management and Assessments
  36. Wildfire Prevention, Protection and Suppression

*List current as of October 2020.