Educational Resources

The resources listed below provide information about forestry and careers in forestry.

Infographic - What's a Forest Professional?

A handy infographic explaining the two main types of forest professionals, the types of work they commonly do, and the educational requirements to become a forest professional.

Infographic – Pathways to a Career as a Forest Professional

This infographic shows the educational pathways to becoming registered with the ABCFP, a requirement for practising forestry in BC.

Faces of Forestry Booklets

Our Faces of Forestry booklets feature pictures and registrants' comments about careers in forestry and what they enjoy most about their jobs. They can be distributed as recruitment tools. The original booklet was produced in 2007 to celebrate registrants during our 60th anniversary.

Request copies of either booklet.

ABCFP Education and Career Fair Booth
Set up the ABCFP booth at community events or education and career fairs to get the word out about careers as a forest professional. The booth is subject to availability.  

Request the ABCFP trade show booth.

Career Brochure

Distribute the ABCFP career brochure when you visit students at schools or career fairs. This brochure is targeted to high-school students and provides basic information about choosing a career in forestry:

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Booklets and Handouts

Elementary School Resources

We've collected some resources for registrants to use when they visit an elementary school classroom or take younger students on a forestry tour. Please feel free to download and print as many as you need.

Grades 2-3
Splinter: Join the Dots
Splinter: Unscramble the Words and Fill in the Blanks
Splinter: Help the Logging Truck Find its Way Through the Forest to the Mill
Splinter: Fill in the Crossword Puzzle
Splinter: The Legend of the Douglas-Fir Cone
Splinter: Match the Pictures of the Tree Needles with the Descriptions
Splinter: Colour the Pictures That Contain Tree Products
Grades 4-5
Make a Forest Diorama
Nature's Treasure Chest
The Wonderful Workings of Wood
What's for Dinner?


Grades 4-6
Who Wants What From the Forest?
Grades 5-7
Imagine a World Without Forests. Imagine a Day Without Wood
Wood You Believe
Provincial Trees


Note: All resources are reproduced with permission.

Other resources with information about forestry:

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All About Trees - collection of dendrology resources


BC Festival of Forestry
BC Forest Discovery Centre


Canadian Forest Service - Tomorrow’s Forest Posters

Canadian Women in Timber
Council of Forest Industries (COFI): Forestry for the Future


Evans Lake Forest Education Centre


Federation of BC Woodlot Associations
Focus on Forests
4-H Virtual Forest


Greenest Workforce/National Forest Week 2013 Lesson Plan




Project Learning Tree




Schools @ Living Planet: WWF
Smokey Bear (Kids Section)
Smokey Bear (Teacher Resources)


Tree Activities for Kids
The Tree Book: Learning to Recognize Trees of BC
Tree Canada Resources
Tree Conservation Ideas and Benefits - Topiary Trees
Treemusketeers: Arbour Day (American)
Trees and Wood: An Identification Resource Guide in the U.S.