Legacy Members Only - New Registration Process Overview

New ABCFP Registration Process was Rolled out April 2016

Council wanted a new system that de-emphasized the exam and focused on giving new members the skills they would need to be successful forest professionals.


To create this new process, we consulted with newly registered members, long-time members, sponsors, and employers who helped design our new system that focuses more on progressive skills training rather than a final exam. After many months of planning and preparation, the ABCFP is pleased to announce that as of April 2016, our system for registering new members will kick off.

While the registration process will look a lot different, it will remain consistent with the duty and objects as described in the Foresters Act. In addition, the new system will be more cost effective benefitting both employers and enrolled members. The system focuses enrolled members’ attention on specific issues in each module and will reduce the amount of time needed for studying, travelling and being away from work.

Council will monitor the new process over the next few years to ensure it continues to be of the highest quality and delivers a value-added experience to enrolled members and their employers.

Orientation Webinars

We held several orientation webinars on the new registration process. Click one of the links below to learn more about the new registration process and requirements. Sponsors, newly enrolled members, and those considering transition are encouraged to listen. Although each webinar covers the same information, questions are unique to each session.

June 7, 2016 Webinar May 16, 2016 Webinar
April 26, 2016 Webinar

Learning Management System (LMS) Orientation Video

Learn about how to use the LMS and the requirements for enrolled members and sponsors.

Orientation Video/Module


Transitioning to the New Process

The new process will be available to enrolled members in April 2016. ABCFP staff, committees, volunteers and contractors are currently working on the policies and processes to support this transition. 

New Prospective Applicants

You will be automatically by enrolled in the new registration process when it is available. Submit an application for membership and begin to accrue your articling requirements once your application is approved. Click on the applicable membership category under Become a Member Section to learn more and apply.

Current Enrolled Members 

Enrolled on December 1, 2015 or later: You will automatically be enrolled in the new online process when it is available. You do not have to do anything further. More information will be provided to you at that time. Continue working on your articling requirements and competency requirements (if applicable).
Enrolled on November 30, 2015 or before: You have the option to transfer to the new registration process or complete the registration exam requirements by 2017. We are now accepting applications to transfer to the new process. Go to the Transition page for more information on the implications of transition and transitioning timing. 


Please refer to the New Registration Process FAQ page.