Natural Resource Professionals (NRP)

To practise professional forestry in BC, as defined by the Forest Professionals Regulation under the Professional Governance Act, you must be registered with the ABCFP.

Natural Resource Professionals (NRP), along with other professional members of the forestry team, are responsible for looking after the forests of BC.

  • The functions and responsibilities of an NRP are limited to specific activities under the Scope of Practice heading below.
  • An NRP engages in aspects of professional forestry practice involving; 
    • planning for or advising on inventory;
    • classification;
    • conservation; and
    • protection and advising on enhancement, harvesting, valuation, and rehabilitation.
  • To be an NRP requires completion of specific post-secondary programs.
  • An NRP is are part of the subcategory of associate registrants under Section 5.6 (1) of ABCFP Bylaw 5