ABCFP Bylaws

The bylaws, together with the Professional Governance Act, are what govern forest professionals in BC. It is the responsibility of all forest professionals to know, understand and abide by the bylaws.

Bylaws (February 2021) - PDF Download

2021 ABCFP Bylaws:

Bylaw 1: Interpretation
Bylaw 2: Council Operations and Procedures
Bylaw 3: Elections
Bylaw 4: General Meetings and Referendums
Bylaw 5: Registration
Bylaw 6: Technical Occupations, Certifications Schemes and Licences
Bylaw 7: Trainees
Bylaw 8: Use of Professional Seal and Signature
Bylaw 9: Standards of Ethical and Professional Conduct
Bylaw 10: Continuing Professional Development
Bylaw 11: Audit and Practice Review
Bylaw 12: Complaints, Investigations and Discipline
Bylaw 13: Public Disclosure
Bylaw 14: Indictable Offences


Former Bylaws (November 2015) - PDF Download