Host Committee - 2020 ABCFP Conference

It takes a great team to plan and implement the conference. Thank you to the following host committee members:

Name  Designation  Role  Title  Employer 
Molly Hudson RPF, RPBio Committee Chair Manager, Stewardship & Engagement Mosaic Forests
Ione Brown RPF   Hecate Integrated Resources
Theresa Denton TFT   Project Coordinator Barkely Group
Nicola Dickson RPF   Consultant
Andres Enrich RPF Sponsorship/Trade Show Sub-Committee Instructor Vancouver Island University
Christine Gelowitz RPF ABCFP CEO CEO ABCFP
Laura Gilbert RPF   ProFor Consulting Ltd.
Pam Jorgenson RPF   Land Use Forester Mosaic Forests
Jeff Kerley RFT, ATE     Kerley & Associates Forestry Consulting Ltd.
Jennifer Lee
ABCFP Staff Liaison  - Website & Registration Senior Communications Specialist - Digital ABCFP
Steve Lorimer RPF Former Past ABCFP President (65th)    
Shaun Mason RPF   Forester Municipality of North Cowichan
Yurgen Menniga RPF Manager, Audit KPMG
Kindry Mercer RPF   Manager, Regional Initiatives Western Forest Products
Brendan Mohan RPF      
Melinda Morben RPF      
Dean Pelkey
ABCFP Staff Liaison Communications Director ABCFP
Orrin Quinn RPF   Manager, Sustainability KPMG LLP
Chelsea Toth FIT      
Tom Walker   Former Lay Councillor    
Cheryl Waddell
ABCFP Staff Liaison - Program Senior Communications Specialist and Editor ABCFP