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Making UNDRIP Law in Canada for Forestry ProfessionalsAn Introduction to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and Making UNDRIP Law in Canada for Forestry Professionals.Jul 27, 2020Register NowUNDRIP
Climate Change OverviewThis micro-course will introduce you to the current state of British Columbia's climate, the impact of climate change on forests and principles for creating effective adaptation and mitigation strategies. It also provides links to helpful climate change resources such as the BC Professional's Adaptation Network.Jun 04, 2020Register NowCLIMATE
Professional Quality Field Work Refresher CourseIs your field work professional quality? Take this one hour e-course and learn how to align your work with the Standards of Professional Practice. You can complete this course on your pc, laptop or phone!Sep 19, 2019Register NowPRFIELD
Forest Stewardship RefresherThe purpose of this short-course is to clarify and reinforce your understanding of Forest Stewardship, provide tools to assess the alignment of your practice with the 7 Principles and assist you in making forest management decisions that maintain the integrity and resilience of forest ecosystems.May 17, 2019Register NowSTREFRESH
Standards of Professional Practice Refresher CourseThe purpose of this short course is to equip forest professionals with the knowledge and tools to assess their practice against the 7 key baseline standards including; competence, independence, integrity, due diligence, stewardship, safety and the forest operations "crossings" standard.Feb 13, 2019Register NowPRREFRESH
Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide 2017The 2017 version of the Forest Legislation and Policy Reference Guide provides the basic concepts in an overview of much of the legislation and related policy that apply to forest management practices in BC today. It does not cover all forest management legislation and policy topics and should be used in conjunction with other reference material, including that listed in this Guide.Feb 10, 2017Register NowPRS_17_PRG
Tablets and Smart Phones for Field Use (Online)The objective of this online workshop is to provide participants with an overview of how tablet computers and smart phones may be used as an aid when conducting field data collection. Register NowTAB
Professional Ethics and Obligations (Online)This online training session addresses professional obligations for a variety of situations through interactive content using realistic scenarios and is applicable to both technologists and foresters. Register NowETH
Professional Reliance (Online)This online training session explores what professional reliance means to participants, its legal foundation and its definition, how it compares to professional deference and how it is related to professional accountability. Register NowPR
Advanced Professional Reliance (Online)This workshop provides further understanding of the application of professional reliance. It demonstrates how professional reliance is related to forest management and provides reality-based examples. Register NowPRA