Non-Discipline Professional Accountability Process (Alternate Dispute Resolution)

ABCFP members may find themselves in a position where they have some questions or concerns about the quality of another member's professional conduct, both during  and outside of work (competence, independence, integrity, due diligence, stewardship, and/or safety). While the member may not think it warrants filing a formal compliant with the Association, there may be a shared responsibility for action regarding the concern.

The Non-Discipline Professional Accountability Process is a form alternative dispute resolution, led by the Association to assist members to resolve differences regarding professional standards of practice.

Non-Discipline Professional Accountability Process Document

The ABCFP has established non-discipline options for the purpose of improving member competency and professionalism. These options are not part of the complaint resolution process, but may be used to resolve or otherwise address concerns about another member's work without submitting or pursuing a complaint against the member.

Non-Discipline Professional Accountability Options

  a) informal agreement between the members;
  b) formal agreement between the members;
  c) the voluntary peer review process;
  d) ABCFP assists the members in reaching a consensus; or
  e) ABCFP coordinates a work review.

The non-discipline professional accountability process document describes both non-discipline and discipline options to support the ABCFP's Professional Accountability Process.

How to Communicate Your Concern to the ABCFP

Email Kris Zmudzinski, MBA, RPF, ABCFP Member Competence Specialist.