Life Membership

Life membership is a special honour awarded to retired members who have made an exemplary contribution to the profession of forestry or the practice of forest technology once they have been confirmed by council.

Life membership allows a member to remain actively involved with the profession and the affairs of the association. As an added bonus, life members do not pay  annual membership fees.

Council may admit an eligible retired member to the life membership category who:

  • has been nominated by not less than five (5) registered members or retired registered members, and/or
  • is recommended by the Board of Examiners for life membership.

Nominate a Member for Life Membership

  1. Read What Constitutes Exemplary Contribution to the Profession?

  2. If you feel the retired member has made an exemplary contribution then:

  3. Read the ABCFP Bylaws section 5.14 to ensure the member meets the life membership requirements, including age and membership status.
  4. Complete and submit the Nominate a Member for Life Membership form.

Reinstatement from Life Membership

If you are a life member and wish to return to practise, you may be eligible to reinstate to your former membership class and category. Please see the Reinstate or Reapply page for more information.


Please contact the registration department.