Leave of Absence (LOA)

From time-to-time, registrants find themselves in a situation where they are not working in BC.

A LOA is:
  • a non-practicing status;
  • an alternative form of renewing your registration; and
  • available only to registrants who are not working in BC in any capacity, whether in forestry or not. See the Eligibility Requirements section below.

Benefits of taking a LOA:

While on a LOA, you may not:
  • use any of the titles specified in the ABCFP Bylaws or the Forest Professionals Regulation (verbally, written, or in electronic communications), which could lead a member of the public to believe you are a practicing registrant of the association;
  • engage in the practice of professional forestry in British Columbia without first reinstating to full active registration;
  • display your certificate, nor use your professional stamp(s) and/or seal(s);
  • participate in the affairs of the association, including:
    • voting; and
    • sitting on council or any boards, committees, or subcommittees; and
  • sponsor a trainee. If you are a sponsor, you must inform your trainees personally that you are not eligible to be a sponsor and they must find a new sponsor.

Undertaking of these unauthorized acts while on leave is subject to disciplinary action under the ABCFP Bylaws.

Eligibility Requirements

Registrants in good standing who are not working in BC in any capacity, whether in forestry or not, may be eligible for an LOA.

The following are some common reasons:

  • medical considerations
  • maternity or paternity leave
  • returning to school
  • living and working outside the province
  • unemployment
  • not actively working towards registration (enrolled members only)

Registrants who have conditional status or who are working in BC in any capacity, whether in forestry or not, are not eligible to take a LOA. They must renew their active registrant status.

Read the applicable procedures document in the Apply for a LOA section below for full details.

How Long is a LOA Effective?

How Many LOAs May I Take?

  • Registered - RFT, RPF
  • Associate - ATC, ATE, SAS
 Unlimited* if you are not working in BC
  • Enrolled - ASFIT, ASTFT, FIT, TFT, TNRP
 Maximum of 3 LOAs

*If you have been on non-practicing status for longer than 36 months, you may be required to complete additional requirements deemed necessary to reinstate your registration, including but not limited to, completing professional educational requirements.

  • To continue on LOA, you must reapply by submitting a complete change of status application each year by the applicable deadlines.
  • Read the applicable procedures document listed in the Apply for LOA section for full details.

Apply for LOA

Applications are only accepted during the registration renewal period
from October 1 to January 31.

After this date, if you have already renewed your registration for the
current fiscal year, you do not have to change your status.


1. Confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements.

See the Eligibility Requirements section above and read the LOA section in the applicable procedures document for full details.

  • Registered - RFT, RPF
  • Associate - ATC, ATE, SAS
  • Special Permit - Limited Licensee
 Change of Status Procedures
  • Enrolled - ASFIT, ASTFT, FIT, TFT, TNRP
 Enrolled Change of Status Procedures

*Members with conditional status are not eligible for a leave of absence and must renew their membership.

2. Complete the online change of status request form and submit the required fees.

  • Registration renewal deadlines apply to LOA requests.
  • Both the application and fees must be received by our office by these dates or else they are considered late.
  • Registrants who do not renew their full registration or submit a complete change of status request by January 31 will be struck from the rolls.

    Date Received* Fees (GST included)  Total
    October 1 to December 1 $109.27 - LOA Fee  $109.27
    December 2 to January 31 $109.27 - LOA Fee
    $57.75 - Administrative Fee on Late Renewal


Check Your Application Status

  • LOA requests must be approved by the Registrar and/or the Credentials Committee. 
  • If you have already renewed your registration for the fiscal year, wait until the renewal period (October 1- January 31) to submit an application for LOA. 
  • Requests submitted after the renewal period are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

 Check COS Application Status Here


Reinstate From LOA

You may apply to reinstate from LOA to active status at any time within the fiscal year. See the Reinstate page for information.


Please contact the registration department.