Practice Review

As a self-regulating organization, the ABCFP has a mandate to maintain and improve the knowledge, skill, and proficiency of its members, as well as protect the public. One of the ways in which it fulfills this mandate is by proactively reviewing the professional practice of forest professionals. 

Practice reviews are an element of the ABCFP’s continuing professional development (CPD) framework.  The association has two types of practice reviews:

  • Technical Practice Reviews: each year one or more specific professional practice areas are identified to be the focus the annual technical practice review program.  These in-depth, risk-based practice reviews are conducted on site, and are carried out by ABCFP staff and hired consultants that are experts in the field of practice under review.  Each year the ABCFP selects a minimum of 20 forest professionals for technical practice reviews.
  • General Practice Reviews: focus on how a forest professional is meeting their professional responsibilities, and are not based on any specific technical area of professional practice.  General practice reviews include an evaluation of the forest professional’s performance against professional standards and obligations, a review of past annual declarations made by the forest professional and progress on related professional development plans linked to the annual declaration, and a general exchanges of professional knowledge and ideas to support continued strong professionalism. 

General practice reviews are peer-led by another forest professional, and results are reviewed and tracked by ABCFP practice review staff.  The following guide provides more detail about undertaking a General Practice Review with a peer forest professional.

Each year the ABCFP randomly selects a minimum of 100 forest professionals for general practice reviews.  Every year several forest professionals also voluntarily initiate general practice reviews. Click here to download the forms to initiate a voluntary general practice review with a peer.

Results of Practice Reviews


ABCFP policy and other information guiding the practice review program can be found in the ABCFP Member Quality Assurance Program in Areas of Peer and Practice Reviews policy.

Or contact Krzysztof (Kris) Zmudzinski, RPF, Practice Review Specialist.