Voluntary and Mandatory Peer Reviews

Voluntary and Mandatory Peer Reviews are the second element of the continuing competency program. Revised in 2012, main objective of a peer review is to elevate a member's level of practice through the mentorship and confidential advice offered by a trusted colleague. Peer reviews may undertaken voluntarily or may be mandatory.

Voluntary Mandatory
Members are encouraged to participate in the peer review element of the continuing competency program on a voluntary basis. Members decide whether they want to participate in this element as either a reviewer or the participant. Each year, 70 members (from the ranks of registered members, special permit holders and Natural Resource Professionals) will be chosen for a mandatory peer review. Members will be chosen at random and based on professional practice risk.

A Peer Review is:

  • A dialogue between two members about professional responsibilities;
  • A review of professionalism;
  • An exchange of knowledge, information and ideas;
  • An effective process to resolve local professional issues;
  • A time efficient exercise that will take a half day to a day;
  • A tool that evaluates member performance against professional standards
    and obligations; and
  • A tool that links to the self-assessment professional development plan.

A Peer Review is Not:

  • A practice, technical or work review;
  • An audit of prescriptions or professional decisions;
  • A method of critiquing another member;
  • About forcing all forest professionals to think alike; or
  • About reviewing a member's files looking for something wrong.

More information can be found in the ABCFP Member Quality Assurance Program in Areas of Peer and Practice Reviews Policy.

Voluntary and Mandatory Peer Review Guide

Details on both types of peer reviews can be found in the Voluntary and Mandatory Peer Review Guide.

Once you read the guide, and if you decide to participate in a voluntary peer review, download the forms required to complete the review.
Voluntary Peer Review Forms. (Fillable PDF. If you are unable to open this file, please right-click the link and save the PDF to your computer and then open from your computer.)


Contact Krzysztof (Kris) Zmudzinski, RPF, Member Competence Specialist.