Indictable Offences

Forest professionals are expected to establish and maintain a reputation for integrity. Our primary concern is with conduct that calls a forest professional’s suitability to practice forestry into question or that reflects poorly on the profession. ABCFP bylaw 14 provides the authority for council to reject an application for registration or to suspend or place terms and restrictions on an existing ABCFP registrant who have been convicted of an indictable offence or such other serious criminal offence.

Indictable Offence

  • An indictable offence is a serious criminal offence that usually carries a prison sentence.
  • Indictable offences are the most serious of criminal offences such as murder, break and enter, theft over $5,000, assault, aggravated sexual assault, drug trafficking,  and other serious criminal acts.
  • Indictable offences should not be confused with summary or hybrid offences for less serious convictions which normally carry maximum penalties of six months in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Bylaw 14 enables council to take action against a registrant if he/she has been convicted of an indictable offence either in British Columbia or elsewhere. If you declare an indictable offence conviction, we will contact you to request additional information.  If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, it is important that you check the court records to determine the nature of the conviction.

When the Declaration is Required  How to Submit 
Applying for Registration * Included as part of the application form.
Annually for Registration Renewal from Oct. 1 – Jan. 31 * When renewing online, the declaration is included as part of the renewal process.


* If not renewing online, submit the Indictable Offence Declaration Form (PDF).
Immediately if your indictable offence status changes at any time * Submit the Indictable Offence Declaration Form (PDF).

Please contact the Registrar and Director of Act Compliance at

If you are unsure on whether your conviction is considered an indictable offence, please include the following details in your email for consideration:
  • Email Subject Line: Indictable Offence Inquiry
  • Full Name
  • Designation and Regsitrant Number
  • Nature of offence
  • Year of conviction
  • Judicial district in which the judgment was rendered
  • Nature of offence
  • A copy of the judgment rendered, if available