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Open Science and Data PlatformThe Open Science and Data Platform provides access to environmental data and scientific publications that can be used to understand the cumulative effects of human activities. Online BCPRD_CAN_01
Urban Forest Assessment Level 1The BCIT Urban Forest Assessment course provides training in ecosystem values and assessment protocols for urban forests and the application of this information in regional land management. Online BCPRD_EGBC67
eRoot Cause Analysis (eRCA)The eRCA FundamentalsTM course, presented by Sologic, allows participants to gain familiarity and confidence with the Sologic RCA (Root Cause Analysis) method in a three-hour, self-paced course.  PRD_EROOT
ICT: Indigenous RelationsIndigenous Corporate Training: This training is the companion course to our Indigenous Awareness training. In Indigenous Relations training, our goal is to help you move beyond awareness towards practical skills and tools that can be applied everywhere. This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT02
ICT: Working Effectively with Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous Corporate Training: Take Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples® and save $50 as compared to taking Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually (this training is the equivalent of taking both the Indigenous Awareness and Indigenous Relations training individually). This is a self-paced course with 30 day access.  PRD_ICT03
Online UBC field schoolIn August 2020, FRST 350, Foundational Field School, was converted into an online course due to COVID-19. Dr. Patrick Culbert recorded a large number of videos in the field, on a range of forestry topics. Online BCPRD_UBC_08
Online Climate Vulnerability, Adaptation Micro-CertificateThis 10-week online UBC program provides forest professionals with an understanding of climate science, vulnerability assessments, adaptation development, and how it is applied to management and business case adaptation. Online BCPRD_UBC_09
Joint Professional Practice GuidelinesThis free Engineers and Geoscientists BC webinar will provide a high-level overview of the Joint Professional Practice Guidelines - Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction up to 12 Storeys.Sep 21, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCA
Authentication of Documents: EGBCThis free Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) webinar will provide an overview of the purpose of a seal, which documents require sealing, who is permitted to seal, and how to apply a seal.Sep 22, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCB3
BC Indigenous Forestry Career FairThe BC Indigenous Forestry Career Fair is returning September 23-24, 2021.Sep 23, 2021Online BCPRD_FNFC01
Forensic Engineering and Failure AnalysisThis Engineers and Geoscientists BC webinar course provides participants with an understanding of scientific and engineering investigation methods and tools to assess potential sources, causes, and solutions for prevention of failure due to natural accidents, fire, high- and low-speed impacts, design defects, improper selection of materials, manufacturing defects, improper service conditions, inadequate maintenance, and human error.Sep 23, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCA7
Avian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring MethodsThe two-day, online Avian Nest Sweeps and Monitoring Methods training program by NRTG will train participants to plan and conduct nest sweeps.Sep 27, 2021Online BCPRD_NRTG39
Amphibian and Reptile Salvage MethodsAmphibian and Reptile Salvage Methods is a one-day, online training program by NRTG that provides participants with key skills in interpreting and applying regulations, planning and conducting salvages.Sep 30, 2021Online BCPRD_NRTG40
Physical Modelling for Hydraulics, Coastal ProjectsThis Engineers and Geoscientists BC webinar offers engineering fundamentals of physical modeling for hydraulics, hydrology, and coastal projects.  Participants will get familiar with the applied theories of scale modeling for hydrotechnical projects, determine when scale modeling should be performed, interpret results of physical modeling, and avoid common pitfalls involving interaction of water with sediment and/or structures.Sep 30, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCA8
Canadian Institute of Forestry 2021 Conference and AGMThe Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF-IFC) 2021 national conference and 113th annual general meeting will explore the changing approaches to forest management.Oct 06, 2021Online PRD_CIF42
Continuing Education Planning and Reporting: EGBCThe Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) are hosting a free webinar on Continuing Education Planning and Reporting in accordance with the Professional Governance Act (PGA).Oct 07, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCB4
Island Wood Industries ForumThe third Island Wood Industries Forum will share data from the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance's recent Waste Wood Recovery pilot project with the K’omoks andQualicum First Nations.Oct 12, 2021Alberni Athletic Centre BCPRD_VIEA01
Introduction to Hydrology, Groundwater Management: EGBCThe Engineers and Geoscientists BC (EGBC) are hosting a free webinar on understanding hydrogeological and groundwater management concepts.Oct 19, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCB5
Documented Field Reviews, ImplementationWhat is a field review? Are all registrants required to carry out field reviews? This free Engineers and Geoscientists BC webinar will explore the requirement for the professional of record to conduct field reviews, or to have them conducted under their direct supervision.Oct 20, 2021Online BCPRD_EGBCA9
6th Indigenous Resource Opportunities ConferenceThe 6th Indigenous Resource Opportunities Conference is set to take place October 21-22 at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo.Oct 21, 2021Nanaimo BCPRD_IROC01