Lodging a Complaint

Who Can Lodge a Complaint
When to Lodge a Complaint Against an ABCFP Registrant
Acceptable and Unacceptable Complaints
How to Make a Formal Complaint

Who Can Lodge a Complaint?

Anyone can lodge a complaint against an ABCFP registrant.

Complaints generally are made by other ABCFP registrants or the public concerned about the competence or conduct of a forest professional registered with the ABCFP. Council also has the ability to lodge a complaint and has done so when made aware of a situation that it believed warranted referral to the complaint resolution process.


When to Lodge a Complaint Against an ABCFP Registrant

If You are a Member of the Public

You are encouraged to lodge a complaint any time you have serious concerns about the conduct of a forest professional that you feel demands the attention of the profession. Read the question and answer document for the public for more information.

If You are an ABCFP Registrant
ABCFP registrants are expected to make efforts to resolve professional disagreements prior to lodging a formal complaint. There are a number of ways to address professional concerns and the Complaints Resolution Process is just one of them. Other methods are described in the Non-Discipline Professional Accountability Process. If these efforts are not successful, a complaint may be appropriate. Read the question and answer document for registrants  for more information.


Acceptable Complaints

Complaints must meet the following four conditions:
1. The complaint concerns an ABCFP registrant or former registrant.
2. Sufficient information has been provided to allow an investigation to proceed.
3. The allegations involve a breach of the Foresters Act, the ABCFP Bylaws or the resolutions of the association (including policies and guidelines).
4. The parties cannot resolve the matter on a reasonable and appropriate basis.

Unacceptable Complaints

  • We generally do not get involved in commercial disputes between registrants or between a registrant and their client unless the nature of the dispute warrants scrutiny from the profession.
  • We cannot accept complaints against corporations.
  • We also do not accept complaints against individuals who are not ABCFP registrants -- unless they are engaged in unauthorized practise in violation of the Foresters Act
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    How to Make a Formal Complaint

    Complaints must be made in writing using the Notice of Complaint Form. We encourage you to discuss your concern with the registrar and director of act compliance, before lodging a complaint to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and conditions.


    Notice of Complaint Form

    Fill out the Notice of Complaint Form* and send it to registrar and director of act compliance to make a complaint. You should include as much detail as possible about the matter and include supporting documentation.

    *To open: right click on link, choose 'save target as' or 'save link', save to your computer and then open from there.


    More Information

    Contact complaints@abcfp.ca.