September & October 2021 Registrant Statistics

Note:  Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting. Check the registrant directory on the ABCFP website (login required) for the current list. 

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of September 2021:

New Registrations - RPF

  • Erin Eileen Burgess, RPF
  • Joanna Dobson, RPF
  • Marek Stefan Gorczyca, RPF
  • Christopher Jon Luhtala, RPF
  • Chelsey Maria McCarthy, RPF
  • Daniel Lars Oskar Persson, RPF
  • Erin Denise Woodland, RPF
  • Emily Margaret Ackroyd, RPF 
  • Yingbing Chen, RPF 
  • Neal Sandlin Daulton, RPF 
  • James William Hunter, RPF 
  • Jocelyn Sylvie Poirier-Hardy, RPF

New Registrations - RFT

  • Susan Natalie Eliuk, RFT
  • Dylan Robert Moesker, RFT
  • Daniel Glenn Joseph Merth, RFT 
  • Taylor-Jean Rankin, RFT 
  • Devin James Sullivan, RFT 


  • Ademola Victor Adebayo, FIT
  • Asad Choudhry, FIT
  • Loreena Kay Ducharme, FIT
  • Candice Long, FIT
  • Lluvia Roselia Lopez Pineda, FIT
  • Cameron MacDonald, FIT
  • Christopher Ryan Quilty, FIT
  • Melissa Dawn Rode, RFT, FIT
  • Sonja Angela Seher, FIT
  • Kuljit Kaur, FIT
  • Mingrui Liu, FIT 
  • Serenah Roy, FIT 
  • Breah Ann Sampson-MacDonald, FIT 
  • Tyler Searls, FIT 
  • Stephanie Elleen Simard, FIT 
  • Nicole Smith, FIT
  • Huanyu Yang, FIT 


  • Tyson Dean Abbott, TFT
  • Sarah Anna Bruckner, TFT
  • Joseph Martin Carriere, TFT
  • Gregory Louie Anthony Daniels, TFT
  • Scott Delamare, TFT
  • Colby Robert Green, TFT
  • Taylor Robert Hatfield, TFT
  • Laurel Jessica La Riviere, TFT
  • Gareth James MacDoyle, TFT
  • Thomas Stephen Nelson, TFT
  • Robin Ripley, TFT
  • Ashley Smart, TFT
  • Charlie Borrie, TFT


  • Kevin Thomas Hill, RFT, ATE 


  • Jasper Richard MacKenzie, FIT, SAS

Reinstatements - RPF

  • David John Field, RPF
  • Gregg R. Hallaway, RPF
  • Curtis C. Olson, RPF
  • Edward A. Nash, RPF 

Reinstatements - FIT

  • Ms. Jashanpreet Kaur, FIT

The following people have been approved for the following status changes for December 1, 2021. They will not be authorized to practice professional forestry in BC.

Reinstatements - RFT

  • Edward Nickolaus Braun, RFT

Reinstatements (LOA-FIT)

  • Julieta Lavin Samper, FIT

Reinstatements (LOA-TFT)

  • Evan Denis Breton, TFT 
  • Rhys Turner, TFT 

New Retired RPF

  • Richard A. Varney, RPF 

Resigned RPF

  • Darren Michael Fantin, RPF
  • Michael T. Torpe, RPF

Resigned RFT

  • Malcolm Bradley Martin, RFT
  • Douglas James Smith, RFT


  • Christopher Alan Lee
  • George S. Briggs
  • Dr. Philip L. Cottell