October 2020 Registrant Status

Note: Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting, check either the directory (login required) or the public directory for the current list of registrants.

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of October 2020:

Transferring TFT to FIT
Reinstatement - RPF
Reinstatement - RFT
Reinstatement - TFT
Resigned - RPF
Resigned - RFT
Resigned - FIT
Resigned - TFT
Resigned - RPF(Ret)

New Registered Professional Foresters

  • Cory Douglas Cooper, RPF
  • Mandy Zheng Cummings, RPF
  • Garrett Cody Ferreira, RPF
  • Peter Francis Furlong, RPF
  • Melissa Amber Harborne, RPF
  • Qing Nan Kong, RPF
  • Pamela Andrea Matute Arrieta, RPF
  • Eric Allan Macfarlane Matzner, RPF
  • Jeffrey Paul Kenji Roberson, RPF
  • Jordan Akio Yano, RPF

New Registered Forest Technologists

  • Angela Barb French, RFT
  • Christopher Paul Leitao, RFT
  • Jonathan Robert Martel-Trombley, RFT
  • Whitney Joy Peters, RFT

New Foresters in Training

  • Ravdeep Singh Brar, FIT
  • Martha Cydzik, FIT
  • Kent Andrew Fehr, FIT
  • Ashleigh Nicole Harvison, FIT
  • Kerry Douglas MacLean, FIT
  • Brett Parsons, FIT
  • Rachael Eve Pollard, FIT
  • Kristie Michelle Lynn Seaborn, FIT
  • Nathaniel Woehrle, FIT

Transferring Trainee Forest Technologists to Foresters in Training

  • Zakari David Miko, FIT

New Trainee Forest Technologists

  • Zachary William Cranney, TFT
  • Rodney Alvin Moore, TFT
  • Logan Alexander Rexin, TFT

New Accredited Timber Cruiser

  • Danica Jeanine Frose, TFT, ATC

New Silvicultural Accredited Surveyor

  • Dylan Thomas Savoie, SAS

Reinstatement - RPF

  • Shane G. Smith, RPF

Reinstatement - RFT

  • Michael Scott Aspeslet, RFT

Reinstatement - TFT

  • Jiu Feng Lu, TFT


  • Stephen J. Capling
  • K. David Walsh

The following individuals are not authorized to practice professional forestry in BC:

Resigned - RPF

  • Chaozhi Wu
  • T. Phil Zacharatos

Resigned - RFT

  • Dino A. Diana

Resigned - FIT

  • Taylor Paterson
  • Christopher Michael Pidgeon

Resigned - TFT

  • Cassidy Kenney

Resigned - RPF (Retired)

  • Arne Dohlen
  • Glenn E. Hill
  • Andrew G. Jakoy
  • Ann L. Morrison
  • Frank J. Wolfinge