May 2020 Registrant Status

Note: Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting, check either the directory (login required) or the public directory for the current list of registrants.

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of May 2020:

New Special Permit - Limited Licence
Transfer from TFT to FIT
Reinstatement from Retirement, RPF
Reinstatement from LOA - FIT
Reinstatement from LOA- TFT
Resignation - RFT

New Registered Professional Foresters

  • Jeremy J. Calhoun, RPF
  • Maxine C. Cusack, RPF
  • Shawna A. Girard, RPF
  • Michael J. Harrhy, RPF
  • Sean J. Hickson, RPF
  • Benjamin W. Kwiatkowski, RPF
  • Geoffrey Matheson, RPF
  • Sophie R. Michaelsen, RPF
  • Zoe Scantlebury, RPF
  • Julie M. Sheppard, RPF
  • Tasha D. Townsend, RPF
  • Allina Tran, RPF
  • Jingyi (Peter) Zhang, RPF

New Registered Forest Technologists

  • David A. Kirkup, RFT
  • Jonathan V. Locs, RFT
  • Nateena L. Swinarchuk, RFT

New Special Permit - Limited Licence

  • Crystal Wilson, RFT, ABCFP Limited Licensee, SAS

New Foresters in Training

  • Kate A. Bezooyen, FIT
  • Danielle M. Clark, FIT
  • Bradley J. Constantine, FIT
  • Francis W. Guyver, FIT
  • Julieta Lavin Samper, FIT
  • Kyle D. Lochhead, PhD, FIT
  • Xuan Giap Nguyen, FIT
  • Heather L. Rowbotham, FIT
  • Linden I. Salayka Ladouceur, FIT
  • Melissa A. Schumacher, FIT
  • Paul D. Sewell, FIT
  • Chazel Solamo, FIT
  • Gage J. Wasylyshen, FIT

New Trainee Forest Technologists

  • Emily Murphy, TFT
  • Raegan L. Patrick, TFT
  • Megan K. Rigney, TFT
  • Jeffrey C. Schochter, TFT
  • Tyler A. Stevenson, TFT
  • Luke Worthman, TFT

Transfer from TFT to FIT

  • Michael A. Brasnett, FIT

Reinstatement from Retirement - RPF

  • James A. Dickie, RPF

Reinstatement from LOA - FIT

  • Nicole C. Grunewald, FIT

Reinstatement from LOA - TFT

  • James Sorrey, TFT

The following people are not entitled to practice professional forestry in BC:

Resignation - RFT

  • Suzanne Anderson
  • Robert C. Ferris