Council Elections

The election for the 75th ABCFP Council ran from December 9, 2021 to January 11, 2022.
Councillors carried forward to the ABCFP 75th Council:

  • President: Garnet Mierau, RPF 
  • Immediate past-president: Trevor Joyce, RPF
  • Councillors-at-large: Jason Fisher, LLB, RPF; David Gill, RPF; and Kelly Kitsch, RFT. 
  • Government-appointed councillors: Alison Dempsey, LLB/JD, LLM, PhD; David MorelWendy Royle, CPA; and Kalpna Solanki.

We thank the following councillors whose terms ended: Trevor Swan, LLB, RPF; Ken Day, RPF; and Bowen Sly, RFT.

Candidates for the 75th ABCFP Council

An election was held for two councillor-at-large positions, each for a three-year term.
There were five registrant candidates. Dave Clarke, RPF, and Sally Sellars, RPF, were elected. 

The registrant elected to the position of vice-president serves a three-year term of office. The first year is in the office of vice-president, the second is in the office of president, and the third is in the office of immediate past-president.
Jamie Jeffreys ran unopposed and was acclaimed to the vice-president position for the 75th council.

All candidates must consent in writing to stand for election and provide a resume and cover letter to articulate how their background and experience aligns with the competencies required of a councillor to carry out their duties. This information is summarized to develop candidate profiles.
The ABCFP’s nomination committee establishes the slate of registrant candidates for election to council as required by Section 26 of the Professional Governance Act (PGA). The nomination committee confirms registrant candidates meet integrity, merit-based selection, and procedural principles required by the PGA.

Voting Eligibility
Registrants with the following registrant categories are eligible to vote in the council election if they are in good standing on the reference date:

  • Practising RPF registrants;
  • Practising RFT registrants;
  • Associates: ATC, ATE, NRP, SAS, AFP;
  • Retired registrants; and
  • Life members.

Voting is carried out electronically. Registrants eligible to vote will receive a ballot via email. The ballot can only be cast once and is unique to each eligible registrant. It is not to be shared or forwarded to anyone.
Registrants may vote for one or two candidates for the councillor-at-large positions.
The two candidates for who receive the most votes for the two vacant councillor-at-large positions are declared elected.
The 75th ABCFP council took office at the 2022 Virtual AGM on February 2, 2022.

More Information
If you have any questions about council elections, please contact the registrar and director of act compliance.