Council elections occur each year, assuming there are more council nominations than vacancies. Newly elected or acclaimed councillors take office at the annual general meeting following the election. The process for appointing lay councillors is handled separately

The 71st ABCFP Council Election ran from December 12, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

All eligible members* were allowed to vote once either by email or a mail-in ballot

Thank you to everyone who participated in the  71st election. 

71st ABCFP Council Election Results

Four new members were elected to join the ABCFP’s 71st council. Following the recently concluded election, the new councillors are:

  • Jamie Jeffreys, RPF (three-year term),
  • Garnet Mierau, RPF (three-year term),
  • Marina Rayner, RFT (three-year term), and
  • Els Armstrong, RFT, ATE (two-year term).

Our sincere thanks for their service to councillors whose terms are expiring: Mason MacIntyre, RFT, Lisa Perrault, RFT, Christopher Stagg, RPF, and Trevor Swan, RPF.

We are also preparing for the appointment of a second lay councillor by the provincial government. The 71st ABCFP council will take office at the 2018 conference in Victoria, February 21-23.

*Voting Eligibility

Members with the following member types and designations were eligible to vote in the council election, if they were in good standing on the date of record, which was December 5, 2017
Member Type Designation
Active Registered RPF, RFT
Retired Registered or Life Member RPF(Ret), RFT(Ret)
Associate Member NRP, ATC, ATE, SAS
Special Permit - Limited Licence LL

More Information

If you have any questions about council elections, please contact the registrar and director of act compliance.