Council Elections

Council elections occur each year, assuming there are more council nominations than vacancies. Newly elected or acclaimed councillors take office at the annual general meeting following the election. The process for appointing lay councillors is handled separately.

The 74th ABCFP Council Election has been completed.

Members of the Association of BC Forest Professionals 74th Council are:


  • Trevor Joyce, RPF


  • Garnet Mierau, RPF

Immediate past-resident

  • Trevor Swan, LLB, RPF

Councillors at large

  • Ken Day, RPF
  • Jason Fisher, RPF
  • Dave Gill, RPF       
  • Kelly Kitsch, RFT
  • Bowen Sly, RFT

Lay councillors

  • Alison Dempsey, LLB/JD, LLM, PhD
  • David Morel
  • Wendy Royle, CPA
  • (vacant)

The 74th ABCFP council took office at the
2021 Virtual Conference, Feb. 3-5, 2021.

*Voting Eligibility

Registrants in the following categories and designations are eligible to vote in council elections, if they are in good standing on the date of record. 
Registrant Type Designation
Active Registered RPF, RFT
Retired Registered or Life Registrant RPF(Ret), RFT(Ret), RPF(Life), RFT(Life)
Associate Registrant NRP, ATC, ATE, SAS
Special Permit - Limited Licence LL

More Information

If you have any questions about council elections, please contact the registrar and director of act compliance.


Trevor Joyce, RPF