Lodging a complaint FAQ for members

Lodging a Complaint FAQ for Members

Updated September 20, 2017

If your question isn't answered here, don't hesitate to contact ABCFP's registrar & director of act compliance.

How and When to Lodge a Complaint Regarding the Conduct of a Fellow Forest Professional

Q: Who can lodge a complaint?

A: Anyone who has concerns about the conduct of a forest professional may lodge a complaint with the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP). A person who lodges a compliant is referred to as the complainant.

Q: Why lodge a complaint?

A: To ensure that forest professionals are held accountable to our Code of Ethics and to ensure the we all act professionally and protect the public interests.

Q: When should I lodge a complaint?

A: There are a number of ways to address professional concerns and the complaint process is just one of them. Prior to lodging a complaint, members are expected to make efforts to resolve professional disagreements. A next step might be to use the Non-discipline Professional Accountability Process. If these efforts are not successful, a complaint may be appropriate. The ABCFP will provide members with help in resolving professional disputes and will provide confidential advice on whether a compliant is appropriate. Contact the registrar and director of act compliance if you need this service.

Q: How do I lodge a complaint?

A: A complaint must be submitted in writing and must include the particulars of the concerns. To lodge a complaint, complete the Notice of Complaint form available on the Lodge a Complaint page of website.

Q: What will happen after I lodge a complaint?

A: Once a complaint is lodged, the ABCFP's registrar and director of act compliance will:

  1. review the complaint to determine if it meets the requirements for a complaint as set out in the Foresters Act.
  2. if the complaint is accepted, the ABCFP will review the particulars, investigate, and hold a hearing into the conduct of the member(s) involved.
The complainant will be informed of all decisions and may participate in the hearing to determine the guilt or innocence of the member(s) subject to the complaint (the subject member). More information about our complaints process is available on the Complaints and Discipline page of our website.

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: Complaints are kept confidential by the ABCFP until we make a decision that the subject member is guilty of professional misconduct. Where circumstances are such that it is important to protect the identity of the complainant from the subject member, we will maintain this confidentiality as well.

Q: Does the ABCFP publish names?

A: Our policy is that we will only publish the names of members who are found guilty of professional misconduct. Name(s) of the member(s) lodging a complaint (complainant(s)) will not be published.

Q: Can I be punished for lodging a complaint?

A: The Foresters Act provides whistleblower protection to anyone making a complaint. The Foresters Act makes it an offence to take punitive action against a person who makes a complaint in good faith.



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