ABCFP Council

What Does Council Do?

Council sets the strategic direction for the ABCFP as well as governing the affairs of the association. This obligation includes making sure that only qualified individuals become members, ensuring that current members are competent, and advocating for good forest stewardship.

The Foresters Act allows council to be as large as 13 people. Two lay members are appointed by the provincial government and the rest are elected by the membership of the ten elected members on council, three are executive members (president, past president, and vice-president) and the others are regular councillors. The terms of council members are staggered to ensure reasonable continuity. A separate election is held for the office of vice-president. The bylaws stipulate that the vice-president automatically becomes president and past president in subsequent years.

Council members, with the exception of the two lay councillors, are given specific areas of responsibility. Although lay councillors are not assigned specific areas of responsibility, they may take on more responsibilities if they choose. For more information about Council Governance, please review the Council Governance Policy.

Thinking About Running For Council? Here are Some Facts:

  • Council's make up should reflect the membership with members representing all areas of the province.
  • New councillors are elected for a three-year term by the membership in January each year and take office at the ABCFP's annual forestry conference and AGM in February.
  • Lay councillors are appointed by the provincial government.
  • There are six meetings a year plus attendance at the ABCFP's annual forestry conference and AGM. We generally try to hold one meeting by teleconference.
  • Participation in at least one ABCFP committee while on council. The time commitment for committee work varies from a few hours a month to a few hours a week.
  • The ABCFP will pay for all reasonable travel, accommodation, and meal expenses while on association business.