BCIT Online Courses

BCIT offers a number of online courses that provide introductory or communication level competency outcomes for the 4 RFT Practices Areas:

Practice Area BCIT Course
Silviculture Silviculture (FNAM 3820)
Forest Engineering & Operations Forest Engineering and Operations (FNAM 3500)
Forest Protection Forest Protection (FNAM 3600)
Forest Measurements Fundamentals of Resource Measurements (FNAM 3700)

It is recommended that you complete these technology level course(s) before submitting the CAP assessment if:

  • The program you have completed did not cover any or all of these practice areas. Technician programs that include some of these practice areas do not normally satisfy the technology level competencies required under our standards.
  • You find that you have not met one or more of these areas upon review of the self-assessment matrix


Note courses may be marked unavailable for the current semester due to low enrolment.  You should contact BCIT to express your interest.  For questions and information on availability, please contact BCIT directly.