June 2020 Registrant Status

Note: Individuals may have applied for a change to their status since this posting, check either the directory (login required) or the public directory for the current list of registrants.

Names may also appear more than once if the individual has/had multiple designations or multiple changes within the same month.

In the month of June 2020:

New Silvicultural Accredited Surveyor
Transfer from TFT to FIT
Transfer from FIT to TNRP
Reinstatement from LOA - RPF
Reinstatement from LOA - FIT
Retired - RPF

New Registered Professional Foresters

  • Camille Boudreau-Labossi√®re, RPF
  • Martin Deltombe, RPF
  • Carrie Huang, RPF
  • Fraser McLelan, RPF
  • Devon Murray, RPF
  • Stephanie Sundquist, RPF
  • Elliot Wiechula, RPF

New Registered Forest Technologists

  • Christopher Adams, RFT
  • Leroy Joshua Carr, RFT
  • Victoria Dyduch, RFT
  • Alexis Gibson, RFT
  • Mark Hamilton, RFT
  • Marcin Piekos, RFT
  • Owen Price, RFT

New Silvicultural Accredited Surveyor

  • Dylan Tripp, RFT, SAS

New Foresters in Training

  • Alexandra Baird, FIT
  • Emily Cooney, FIT
  • Kiara Gannon, FIT
  • Alexander Girard, FIT
  • James Hall, FIT
  • Breagh Kobayashi, FIT
  • Jared Kozuki, FIT
  • Adam MacDonald, FIT
  • Jacob Olson, FIT
  • Taylor Paterson, FIT
  • Christopher Pidgeon, FIT
  • Melissa Thielman, FIT
  • Ashley Warfe, FIT
  • Bailey Williams, FIT

New Trainee Forest Technologists

  • Sonja Hadden, TFT
  • Taylor Jansen, TFT
  • Lynne Laliberte, TFT
  • Drew Lineham, TFT
  • Hengda Liu, TFT
  • Tommi MacGillivray, TFT
  • Graham Sadler, TFT

Transfer from TFT to FIT

  • Donovan Morrell, FIT

Transfer from FIT to TNRP

  • Matthew Moore, TNRP

Reinstatement from LOA - RPF

  • Kristopher Bjarnason, RPR
  • Nicole Strand, RPF

Reinstatement from LOA - FIT

  • Liam Dalrymple, FIT
  • William Kaufman, FIT

Reinstatement - RPF

  • Glenn Burrell, RPF
  • Erin Lindberg, RPF

Reinstatement - RFT

  • William Wade Sjodin, RFT

The following people are not entitled to practice professional forestry in BC:

New Retired - RPF

  • Charles Anderson, RPF(Ret)