Free to Grow: The National Gender Equity Project in Forestry

The Association of BC Forest Professionals is a member of the National Steering Committee for Gender Equity in Forestry.

Launched in 2018 and supported by the Canadian Institute of Forestry, the Centre for Social Intelligence, and Natural Resources Canada, the steering committee led a three-year project to create a National Action Plan to promote gender equity across Canada's forest sector.

The National Action Plan framework includes three main pillars of action:
  • Building the evidence base - leveraging existing data to identify gaps and establish a baseline of information on gender representation across the sector;
  • Fostering an inclusive culture - developing several discrete products including a resistance strategy, identifying best practices from leading companies from around the world, as well as creating an advocacy toolkit to advance gender equality in the forest sector; and
  • Repositioning the sector: communicate and recognize progress - developing new branding that welcomes diverse and inclusive cultures.

Watch the video on gender equity in Canada’s forest sector:

Read the 2018 news release announcing the formation of the steering committee.

More information and a list of organizations participating in the project can be found on the Canadian Institute of Forestry website.

Free to Grow in Forestry promotes and provides information on gender equity in the Canadian forestry.

Watch the Free to Grow video: