Updated ABCFP Code and Bylaws

Changes to the Professional Governance Act (PGA) introduced in April 2022 via Bill 21, the Professional Governance Amendment Act, as well as operational business needs have resulted in amendments to several Association of BC Forest Professionals Bylaws.

The amended bylaws were brought into force under the authority of the Superintendent of Professional Governance on July 4, 2022:

Current ABCFP Bylaws: October 2022 (PGA)  

2022 ABCFP Bylaws:

If you have any questions about the ABCFP Bylaws, contact the registrar and director of act compliance.

Historical bylaws (point in time):

ABCFP Bylaws: February 2021 (PGA)    ABCFP Bylaws: November 2015 (Foresters Act)